Good Mid-April to you all….

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  It’s been a very exciting week for us as we received our first shipment from our new Mexico supplier. This is a pilot project promoted by the local community in the Baja of Mexico. soon to be the pilot project that may lead to a new “Green” label for us all to promote and be proud of.  I am working hard with a few others to get this rolling, and so far it’s looking really positive.

This type of project is exactly what the industry needs, and more sustainable efforts like this should be sought after.  More news on this new label to come…so keep your eyes and ears peeled!  Meanwhile, you can rest assured that the products coming from Mexico have been well thought out on the fishery management side of things.

I recently visited this small group of fisher-woman down in the Baja coast, and witnessed this group of woman doing all the work (diving, packing etc) to support their families and community.  I was given a very warm welcome and was lucky enough to scuba dive on their fishing sites. I saw how beautiful and abundant their reefs are and immediately knew that they have a bright future ahead of them with the help and support of their local government, Reefcheck and SDC.

Onto other matters, this week we have continued to discuss the quality of our livestock and the best way to give you the best size for the money.  After speaking to many of you about sizing in particular, we know how important it is to be consistent with sizing so you can trust you will get the same size each week.  There are many reasons that we have gone out of our way to make sure that our sizing is consistent and fair.  Its funny how each customer has their own preferences on size, some wanting smaller sizes, others wanting large.  I deal with many customers on both sides.  Reasons range from pricing to aquarium sizes, but whatever the need is, please make sure that you share that information with your sales rep so we can make a note on your order to which size you prefer.  If you want the larger size within a size range, please mention it to your sales rep and it will be noted on the order.  I actually think we are the only wholesaler that actually has guidelines for sizing to make sure you know what to expect each week.  This is only part of the commitment we have made to go above and beyond the “norm” in our industry further separating ourselves from the others.  Even though we have been diligently working to evolve this size chart, your continued feedback is appreciated and needed.

This week’s inventory is another culmination of many things going right.  Strong inventory and great specials matched with un-paralleled quality, we hope you can clearly see that we are doing everything we can to make you want to use us as your choice when purchasing your livestock!

Enjoy the specials pages, stock list in its entirety and let’s have another great week together!