I hope everyone is well and prosperous.

Thanks again for another strong showing of support as we finished up a challenging week.  The live rock specials  were well received and we will be continuing for another week.

We will have some very cool and unusual items in stock during this week and we hope that our variety and pricing has kept everyone interested and enthusiastic about your saltwater department’s activities.  We also hope you all take advantage of the special deals, and we look forward to hearing from you all this week.

On a side note about the HR669 bill that was heard last week in Washington DC, we saw a grass roots effort by the industry who voiced their opinions very eloquently and headed off a potentially harmful law that if passed, could have put us all out of business.  The equestrian, dog/cat, birds and so many other industry’s would have been equally effected, so it was hopeful that we saw a reasonble solution to this threat.  I hope that we can continue to come together as an industry and work with opposing groups to address environmental concerns that face us each day.  PIJAC has played an important role in working on the front lines, and I suggest everyone consider becoming supportive of this organization.  You can find out more about Pijac by visiting their website www.pijac.org

Best regards from all of us here at SDC!