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The stock levels of great product are beaming!

May 17 2009No Comments

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I love the look of a full tank of green wall frogspawn and a full tank of crazy orange/red and green scolymia’s from Australia!  Take your pick…. this week it’s going to be buyers dream over here. More exciting news that we now have a great source for Atlantic Ricordea mushrooms in the Red – […]

This week we decided to step up the savings a notch or two!

May 10 2009No Comments

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We are not taking our luck over the last months for granted, and this week we are offering you all some unprecedented savings! We are offering some super strong specials this week in the hopes to stimulate some sales on the retailer’s side of things.    There are too many deals to mention here, but […]

We have those specialty Australian corals again that are found on our website Furnace photo gallery.  The furnace continues to heat up and we have not slowed down on the “cherry stuff”. Expanding our rare and unusual section, we are going after more big fish, rare fish, and specialy products to keep our inventory awesome […]