This week we decided to step up the savings a notch or two!

We are not taking our luck over the last months for granted, and this week we are offering you all some unprecedented savings!

We are offering some super strong specials this week in the hopes to stimulate some sales on the retailer’s side of things.   

There are too many deals to mention here, but please just check out the special offers and place your orders with us this week.

We have an incredible inventory this week again with a great variety and selection of corals and fish combined.  Please let us know when placing your order what we can do to help each of you and if there are items you are looking for, please let us know and we will track them down for you.

I want to thank everyone who wrote us this week and reported another great week of satisfaction.  Our quality has continued to shine, and we are passionate about the quality of our products.  We continue to try and improve our products with this week, a major change in the way we are handling our shrimps.  We have found an effective way to treat the shrimps to make them as strong as possible.  We now have a separate system that we are using just for shrimps so we can treat and handle them in a special manner.  I hope everyone finds this move successful, and that it improves on the long survival of shrimps we are providing.

Just a reminder that I am available for feedback, questions or comments….please keep them coming!