The stock levels of great product are beaming!

I love the look of a full tank of green wall frogspawn and a full tank of crazy orange/red and green scolymia’s from Australia!  Take your pick…. this week it’s going to be buyers dream over here.

More exciting news that we now have a great source for Atlantic Ricordea mushrooms in the Red – Orange – Green – Blue Colors….some awesome stuff and great quality at the right price.  I am really excited about my new friend in the great State of Florida providing us with some great ric’s for our customers…. enjoy!

Looking over the specials for this week, it’s another barn burner!   These are great quality Flames from the Marshall Islands with great quality!  If you were looking for something to stimulate your stores sales, this week is really going to offer you all some great items at super low prices…combined with the SDC quality that has continued to be right on track….. it’s a winning combination.

In all seriousness, I am again very grateful for the low doa reports we have been receiving and the great feedback we have been getting back from many of you.  Without the quality going so well, I would not feel as good about how things are going.  If you had been reading my earlier newsletters, you know how much I have been speaking of our focus and dedication to the quality of our products.  Again… TEAM EFFORT… I can’t say enough about our staff and partners who combine make SDC what it is today.

Oh… by the way…. we have these baby leopard sharks from Japan that are really cute.  They are Triakis scyllium which is the same Genus as the California leopard shark with a slightly different color pattern, but all other similarities.  These are a seasonal shark but I hope they will last a few months…not really sure, but we have a couple handful’s right now swimming and looking great.  So call those shark customers of yours that have been looking for a swimming shark and want one legal and affordable!


Have a great week everyone… please think of us when doing your next Saltwater or Freshwater Livestock order.  We know you have other choices, and we appreciate you making us yours.