Aussie Chalice Corals

Australian Mycedium

We uploaded some pictures of the Aussie Chalice corals we have in stock right now. Nice and Healthy stuff.

Australian Echinopora

Photo Galleries

We hope you are all enjoying the NEW photo Galleries. Our friends at FLICKR have put out a great product for us to use. There are so many different ways to view the galleries. You can click the “Play” button, then expand the gallery to see “FULL SCREEN” images, or you can click on “The Date of the Furnace” and go right to a flickr page where you will see all the items displayed. You can just hover your mouse over an image to see the item number.
Ask your sales rep for help.

New Live Rock Arrival!

We just received some awesome Indo Live rock that is a mix of “Fusion and Tukani”.  Really fresh and nice color…this is the stuff we needed for those high end customers that are looking for a super nice live rock.

Indo Live Rock



New look for SDC

Welcome to the “NEW” Sea Dwelling Creatures WEBSITE!!

Thanks to Greg Barnett at Rock’n Motion for the great design work (

Eric will be posting “BLOGS” here for everyone to catch up on current SDC events.

Have a great day,


Little Scott at work