July 19th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
Nice to hear from so many of you last week:)  I am proud to be a part of this company and work with all our great staff.  I appreciate everything our staff does each week to make our company what it is today and how we can provide great quality products week in and week out!  Along with that, I appreciate all of you that choose us to be your livestock supplier!
How about discussing the ever-so-important weekly specials?  Another week of giant savings has been written on the books, so check out the great deals on our front page and second page of our weekly specials.  Tiny clown triggers are in stock and great sizes…..along with so many other super specials.
I know that many of you are loyal SDC customers because you have tried others and just don’t want to be disspointed with troubles that you can get by jumping around from supplier to supplier.  It might work in the dry-good side of things, but the livestock biz is another animal.  I want everyone to know that if you are one to venture out, and check out our competitors specials to make a decision who you might order from this week…if you don’t see that special item you need on our specials list this week, or any week, please let us know and we will do our best to get you that item on the special you need.  Bottom line….we want your business and don’t want to lose the opportunity to serve you because of an item that we might not have selected to be on special any particular week.  Again…just let us know and feel free to ask your rep for a deal that might be the difference for that order.
During slower Summer months, you want to make sure you are not taking too many risks and we can tell you with great confidence that we are overall your best choice for Marine Livestock, and we will stand behind our products if you do have an issue.  It’s the long term customer relationship that we are going for….so please tell us how we can get your next order up to the level you need.
I hope everyone’s weekend was great, and I am looking forward to tomorrow and starting the week off right!
Have a great week everyone!
Best regards,
Eric Cohen