Some new Aussie Stuff

What a great couple of Australia shipments yesterday.  Even after working for over 25 years in the business on the wholesale side,  I still act like a “Kid in a Candy Shop,” with each new shipment.  I’ve seen literally Tens of Thousands of Trachyphyllia Brains over the years, but I still look at each one as they come out of the box.  Crazy!!!


We got in a Great assortment of Aussie Chalice Corals too.  Echinopora and Mycedium.


We also got a great load of Acanthastrea Lordhowensis (Lords) corals too.  Check these out:


How about some Elegance corals that LIVE!!!!  Go Aussie!!!

aussie_purple_tip_cataphyllia aussie_pink_tip_cataphyllia

More fun later………….:)