July 5th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Hope everyone had a safe and family-filled holiday weekend. Last week we saw some really beautiful and rare fish….that was a real treat. It’s never easy to follow a week like that, but we do have some positive things going on.

Lower pricing is something that I can mention to you all. We have been cracking down on some seriously low pricing on more and more items. I know it’s Summer time, and I get it. Lower prices stimulate sales, and keep customers excited, so that is what we are trying to do and help everyone take advantage of the savings and keep customers happy to see new products coming in the door.

Keeping our quality consistent is definitely something we can not take for granted. We know that consistency within our industry is not easy, and we know that each week we have to make sure we are not only keeping up with our successful routine, but keep moving forward to improving the quality and success rates on items that we can target as typically have issues.

The behind-the-scenes look at Sea Dwelling Creatures can be found on one of our local customers websites…..he did a short walk through on video with me a few weeks ago and if you have the time, please check it out. The links to both episodes are:



Not sure if you guys like CSI, but here is a link to one of their episodes that was filmed here at SDC. Another great look at our facility. There are some cool scenes on the show….so on topic, here is the link to the CSI episode that featured SDC….shucks….can’t find a link, but the episode is called “Let it Bleed”, so any of you interested….hopefully you can track it down.

Have a great week everyone…..as always, I look forward to hearing from you and we really appreciate you choosing us, because we definitely want to be your livestock supplier:) Have fun!

Best regards,

Eric Cohen

The “Lords (lordhowensis) of the Rings”

Another amazing shipment this week of Australian Acan lords.  The divers “down under” just continue to collect the most amazing variety of corals.

Aust. Acan lordhowensisIn addition to Amazing colors, we also get some really cool “Combo” pieces.

e05-combo-lordWe are also working with the divers to make sure that we can pass along savings to everyone.  Let’s be honest here….the price of Acan Lords has been a bit “Out of Control” for the past year or so.   We are working to bring those prices back “Down to Earth”.  I think most retail stores are bringing the prices down as well.  Hopefully, lower prices means more Acans can make it into great aquariums for everyone to enjoy!!!

Acan Lordhowensis