August 2nd Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
Thanks to all for the great response to last week’s newsletter and for all the support we received.  I am truly touched by the comments that were made, and how many of you showed your support and ordered with us last week.  Just for the record…..THANK YOU!
We had a hobby trade conference this weekend over in Long Beach that had some interesting speakers.  One of my favorites is always Robert Fenner who’s website has always been a great source of information for hobbyists and retailers alike.  Over the years, I have directed many people to the site, as it has a vast array of information….from caring for a male guppy, to putting together a business plan for a new retail shop…this site is the bomb!  We love you Bob!
Last week I spoke of some ideas that retailers can do to keep the action happening at the shop, and how to roll with the trends in the industry.  The weekend conference was a clear signal where the hobby is going.  Attending the conference were a bunch of coral farmers and they were showing off the unbelievable corals that they are raising and selling.  I spoke to many of them about how they are growing, selling and packing thier gems.  I picked up some new ideas that could be very beneficial for shipping our own nano and small corals….so stay tuned for that.
As we move into August, schools will be starting up again by the end of the month, so start thinking about some back-to-school specials, and how you can prepare your store and staff for the weeks to come.  Hard to believe the Summer is passing us by, but like every year, we are always looking forward to the boost in business that back to school brings.
I look forward to speaking to you all this week….remember if you have any questions….just give us a call!
Best regards,
Eric Cohen