August 9th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
Aside from the furnace, the stocklist and customer appreciation specials have been a very popular place to hang out for you loyal customers.
We have taken close notice of what many of you retailers need to drive your sales and keep on the cutting edge of the markets.
The corals are obviously pushing the trends of the industry and also the sales.  That’s why we created the extra special coral packages that will keep you in the running with your customers and priced right for everyone’s reward.  Please don’t miss out and make sure you are reading the coral package offers that will be  rewarding to you and keep your customers interested about the affordable corals they can purchase.
I want to also mention another website that may be useful for many of you.  It’s called and has been providing some great information about cutting edge trends and products on the market.  It’s now one of my regular internet surfing spots when I get a chance to browse the web.
I hope the August month is treating you all well, and we look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks again for your continued support…It’s a pleasure to serve you all!
Best regards,
Eric Cohen