August 16th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
This is a special week for many reasons.  Firstly, the picture above of all the cultured corals are in stock this week and looking great.  With the new coral packages we are now offering, it’s the best way to maximize your coral purchases and stock up on healthy, popular corals.
We have rose anemones in stock this week!  The big ones with amazing color!  There were only a limited amount available, and SDC has them :)
I have a very important message for everyone.  As many of you know,  Sea Dwelling Creatures has always been a leader in the industry and has been concerned about environmental issues which concern all of us.
For the last 9 years, I have dedicated much of my personal time as a member on the board of directors of a non-profit group dedicated to saving coral reefs worldwide called Reefcheck.  Our shipping boxes have carried the logo for years now, and we also have provided you all links to the website
To further show our commitment to environmental issues, we are asking EVERYONE in our industry and loyal customers to join Reefcheck and become a member.  Sea Dwelling Creatures will CREDIT YOU BACK the membership costs of only $25.00 when you place an order of $500 or more.  This is how it will work:
Go to and sign up for a yearly membership.  When you are processing your membership, please write “SDC” in the comment section so we can track your membership.  You can also add my email address into the confirmation box and the confirmation to your membership will be emailed directly to me.  This way, I will have a way of tracking who is due the credit for the membership fees.
When you sign up, you will automatically start receiving email news about the state of the coral reefs worldwide, and also you will receive the coral report each quarter.
Please don’t delay any longer, and take action to support your industry and the efforts being made by Reefcheck to protect coral reefs and to support the Aquarium Industry at the same time….which is no easy task.  It’s our turn to support them and give back.  Please go to the website now and sign up.  If you are feeling generous please don’t hesitate to donate more, but just be assured that we will give you back the $25.00 for the basic membership.  Thanks everyone for your support.
We have great stock this week again with lot’s of new and exciting product…..we thank you for selecting us for your saltwater needs and continuing to offer the industry’s best, Sea Dwelling Creatures product!
Best regards,
Eric Cohen