August 30th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
September is here!  Last week was a nice preview of what is to come and it’s going to get better!
We are focusing on the industry trends to make sure that you have the best opportunity to stock products that are selling well.  There is no question that more and more hobbyist’s are having success with Reef Tanks both Nano and Large.  We want to make sure we have the right product, at the right price so you can stay on top of the industry trends that many other providers are doing.
Featured and getting great response  are the coral packages that we have been offering in many versions.  You can get soft coral, hard coral, mixed or other versions of a coral pack…Nano packs and rare types of corals on frag plugs also are being offered.  It’s a great way to avoid the temptation to tranship any corals as you can get the same value or better with the prices we are offing on the package deals.  The pricing we are offering now on our two full pages of special pricing also make an unbeatable value!
No worries on stock levels here at SDC….we are DEEEEEEP and staying aggressive on the all levels….pricing, variety, inventory etc…’s all there.  There isn’t anything we want to fail you in, so as always, we are open to hearing your suggestions of what else you would like to see us carry to give you the best experience and opportunity to move ahead with your business.
Remember to support Reefcheck, our offer to refund you back the $25.00 membership is an ongoing offer and we hope to see your membership confirmations continue to come in.  They at Reefcheck are so thankful for last week’s response, and I personally appreciate the support for Reefcheck which shows me that we do have a strong sense of responsibility to our oceans. If you didn’t sign up last week, please do it now, I will credit you back…so there is no reason to not join and stand up for your industry.
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!