Heteropsammia cochlea (NEW CORAL)

Rarely seen in the pet industry, we just got a batch of Heteropsammia coclea.  Sorry that we keep changing the name of the coral around, but there is little printed material on these guys to work from.


This is a strange type of coral that, at first glance, looks like Balanophyllia, but it stands alone on the sand floor of the ocean.


They form an almost “shell” shape to the bottom of the corals.


These fascinating little corals share a common charactistic of having a symbiotic association with a small invertebrate called a sipunculid or peanut worm, which gives the corals mobility and the ability to stay on the surface of the soft sediments in the environment where they live. The symbiotic association begins when the larval coral settles on a small snail shell as the first phase of the coral’s adult life. As the coral grows and its skeletal deposition nearly engulfs the shell, the peanut worm takes up residence inside the shell and through its own activity maintains a channel through the coral skelton to the outside. By the eversion and retraction of its feeding proboscis into or onto the soft sediment, the peanut worm can move the coral to a new position and keep it from being buried.

We have a select few of these corals for sale, as most are going to public aquariums and other parties to study and write about this little known coral.

September 20th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
The next two weeks culminate the last of the major trade shows events of the year with MACNA Conference this coming weekend in Atlantic City, and the Christmas (yes, I said Christmas) trade show in Chicago for the Backer Show.  Both shows this year are going to be very rewarding for both the hobbyist and the industry operators.  I highly suggest a visit to each of these shows as they are a great learning and sharing experience.
I am inspired.  Each week the feedback coming from our customers has confirmed our focus and pushes us to keep improving and looking for ways to improve.  The new customers continue to flow in, and I want to welcome each and every new customer into the SDC family.  I appreciate the emails sent to me each week on a wide scale of questions.  Whatever the concern or praise, feel free to keep the emails coming.  This is a team effort here and my door is always open to hear thoughts, concerns, praise, special needs etc.
Due to the expanding support and interest in our products, we have added a few new people to our staff.  It’s a privilege to offer new jobs to people in our community and we are lucky enough to have this opportunity to change people’s lives.  As I write this letter, I received a phone call from an old classmate of mine who is now a leader in the Inner City Community of Los Angeles.  We are teaming up to share some of the joys of seeing all the Sea Dwelling Creatures that so many in our community have no idea exist.  This won’t be the first time we have offered  tours for children that have not had all the opportunities, but I really enjoy giving back and trying to make a difference.
In that spirit, I can see how that passion crosses over to our business dealings and trying to make a difference with each customer that we have the opportunity to serve.  I don’t want this to sound cheesy, but there is genuinely a strong passion within our company that truly does want to make a difference.  We want to be the best, and make every effort to improve ourselves so that we can continue to push the industry forward and make each of our customers successful.  Please join us!
Please don’t forget to join Reefcheck and sign up for the refundable $25 membership.  We will credit you back on your next order.  Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone really appreciates is and especially myself.
It’s always a pleasure…
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!

September 13th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
Cool!  We get to have a full week of fun!  We are excited to get back to a normal week where we can be “Business as usual”!  Thanks for the great response we had last week after the holiday and we hope that we were able to get everyone squeezed in on the short week.
This week things will calm down and get back to the normal crazy, hectic, fun and exciting stuff at SDC.  I see the furnace has been expanded and brings more killer stuff for everyone to choose from.
The specials are another week of deep discounts to show more appreciation of how we want to make sure price is not a factor in deciding who you need to use for your saltwater livestock…we always want to be your first choice.  There is a good mixture of specials and mix-and-match on the inverts and other items.
The coral packages have continued to be popular with both the customers and the sales reps.  Not sure which one of you all like to order packages more but it’s all good fun:)
Remember, if you are looking or needing a certain price on an items you see (or don’t), please don’t hesitate to ask your sales rep to help.  We want to keep an open mind and prove to you all every week that we really do want to work with you and appreciate you guys working with us.
Please don’t forget to join Reefcheck and sign up for the refundable $25 membership.  We will credit you back on your next order.  Thanks for all those showing continued support last week….Everyone really appreciates is and especially myself.
It’s always a pleasure…
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!

September 7th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  This week we will pack a powerful punch into only three days of shipping.  I hope you have all noticed how well we have stocked our facility with plenty of great products.  We are determined to keep ourselves heavily stocked up to meet the needs of so many that have chose us as their supplier….and WE ALL THANK YOU for your support.
Over the weekend I have read some interesting discussions about how wholesalers can be more supportive of retailers across the country.  As I have written many times recently to you all, we are always thinking of how we can best support you all, especially over the last two years during tougher times.
We have made many changes to improve our quality, service, and a big evaluation of many prices that we have lowered to help retailers compete against the economy slump, and stimulate sales.  This has mainly been due to the very hard work by our purchasing department.  We have been working diligently with our suppliers to find better packing techniques to reduce increased freight rates.  It takes many shipments communicating with the same suppliers to find that perfect recipe for efficiency and success.  I can promise you all that we are relentless in finding that extra savings for us all.  In the end, it makes us all stronger!
It’s important to us that you all know we support the retailer first and foremost.  Our business model is focused on the retail market and do not support practices detrimental the livelihood of the brick and mortar store.
We hope that hobbyists reading this newsletter understand that supporting the retailer is a critical element in our hobby.  We know there are other choices for purchasing Aquarium Products and Livestock, but I kindly request that you think twice before you spend any money for your aquarium needs outside of your local fish store.  If you can find a favorite retailer and build a relationship with the people there, it is the best way you can give back to your hobby and keep the experience of going to your local fish store viable for the future.  The stores need your support now more than ever!
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!