September 13th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
Cool!  We get to have a full week of fun!  We are excited to get back to a normal week where we can be “Business as usual”!  Thanks for the great response we had last week after the holiday and we hope that we were able to get everyone squeezed in on the short week.
This week things will calm down and get back to the normal crazy, hectic, fun and exciting stuff at SDC.  I see the furnace has been expanded and brings more killer stuff for everyone to choose from.
The specials are another week of deep discounts to show more appreciation of how we want to make sure price is not a factor in deciding who you need to use for your saltwater livestock…we always want to be your first choice.  There is a good mixture of specials and mix-and-match on the inverts and other items.
The coral packages have continued to be popular with both the customers and the sales reps.  Not sure which one of you all like to order packages more but it’s all good fun:)
Remember, if you are looking or needing a certain price on an items you see (or don’t), please don’t hesitate to ask your sales rep to help.  We want to keep an open mind and prove to you all every week that we really do want to work with you and appreciate you guys working with us.
Please don’t forget to join Reefcheck and sign up for the refundable $25 membership.  We will credit you back on your next order.  Thanks for all those showing continued support last week….Everyone really appreciates is and especially myself.
It’s always a pleasure…
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!