October 25th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,
This weekend was the local Reefapalooza event that brings coral farmers from across the country together with wholesalers, manufactures, retailers and hobbyists.  It was another impressive display of how far the hobby has come in such a short time.
Just 5 years ago, I don’t think there were a fraction of the coral farmers that there are now.  The amazing variety and colors that are being offered as fragmented corals is staggering.
One point I want to get across to everyone here, is that I am fairly certain that this is the heart of the hobby.  If you are a retailer, I highly suggest you get on this band wagon of growing and fragging corals in your shops not only to promote a sustainable industry, but to bring the excitement and cost effectiveness back to your customers.  Education, affordability and sustainability (all big words for me…lol) is what this sector of our industry brings.
Turns out by luck, we have just received a large shipment of captive raised corals to compliment the large variety of frags we already have in stock growing out.
If you are one of those stores that has not started to offer captive raised frags/corals, get started inexpensively by purchasing one or more frag racks that we offer, along with some frag plugs, and you are in business.  Once you get your local market going, branch out and grow your own, frag your stock, get online and expand your customer base etc….it’s addicting and very rewarding.
Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.
Best regards to all,
Eric and the whole SDC Crew!