November 29th Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Back to normal week!  Yipee!  We will continue the SDC tradition of super specials, great values and a huge variety of product to choose from!

We have a fresh batch of live rock just arriving, so it’s a good time to fill your live rock bins.

Whether you are looking for a great value, or just great quality, combining the two has proved to be the best way to provide your business with the recipe for success.

Adding to the exotic we were lucky enough to receive a small batch of Interruptus angels which arrived great.  Having rested over the weekend, they are ready to go.  I think will be lucky enough to receive another small batch, so if you did not get one this week, please let your sales rep know so we can reserve you one….or two:)

As you look over our weekly stock list and specials, you will notice that there are special savings all over the place.  “NEW LOWER PRICE” is commonly found throughout the three large sections of special offers.  This is just our way of saying that we want value to be one of the many reasons you choose us week in and out for your livestock needs.  Quality is key, but value just tops off what SDC has always tried so hard to give you.  There has never been a better time to shop with us, and we are doing all we know how to make each of your orders right for you.

Thanks to everyone that has already joined Reefcheck!  For those of you have not joined yet, please don’t forget to join Reefcheck and sign up for the refundable $25 membership.  We will credit you back on your next order so ultimately their is ZERO cost to you!  PLEASE support the environment and show Reefcheck that the Aquarium Industry truly does appreciate everything they do for us.

Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!