Thanksgiving 2010

Dear Sea Dwellers,

This is the Thanksgiving Edition newsletter:) A time where we make family plans to get together and enjoy each others company, while giving thanks for all we have, even during challenging times.

Sea Dwelling wants to thank everyone for all your support over the last year, and especially over the last few weeks while we sort out some of our computer issues that have been adding to the already challenging times.

The inventory this week really looks more like a normal busy season…..fully loaded with some awesome corals! Even though this is a short shipping week (shipping Monday and Tuesday – direct shipments only) we have some great stuff that will be nice this week and surely get even better for the following week.

We do have all live rock styles currently in stock, so we invite you all to place your rock orders this week and take advantage now while supplies last. As we get closer to the end of the year, rock as well as other cites items will become harder to get. What I am saying is “load up now”!
We welcome you all each day, and thank you for your continued support

All the best!


August Anyone?

Wow! August has come in with a ROAR!!!
Our inventory is “Deep”, and our specials are “DEEPER”.
Thank you to all our “World-Wide” Customers who are helping to make this one of SDC’s BEST Summers EVER!!!
We’ll keep the specials and the inventory GREAT…You keep the orders coming!!!
Thanks Again,
The SDC Crew!!!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!

Happy 4th of July to all the Sea Dwellers out there.

WE ARE OPEN ON JULY 5TH for normal business. We are stocked and ready to ship!!!

Enjoy the Holiday, and be safe!!!

Best to you and yours,
The crew at SDC

June 20, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Sea Dwelling takes a major step in going “Green” by implementing a recycling program throughout the company.  All plastic, cardboard, paper and Styrofoam will never see the bottom of any landfill :)  We would like to encourage everyone to dispose of fish bags, and other packaging materials to your recycling bins to keep the chain going and do our part for the environment.  After all, our passion and livelihoods depend on it.

We received two weeks ago, a shipment from Africa containing the Blue Hornets from a new deeper area in the sea.  As per our recommendations to the supplier, these polyps were not collected in the same shallow tidal areas as before because of the difficulty we were having, fighting necrosis and polyp retraction.  Currently, we have been holding, treating and observing this batch for two full weeks now, and I am feeling confident that the majority of our inventory is very healthy and show excellent color.  Combined with our efforts to dip and clean each polyp rock, we have also found that higher levels of Magnesium has helped polyps open and remain healthy.

This week we launch into Summer with the same momentum as our NBA Champions, “THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS” had going into game 7.  We really appreciate the support and many grateful customers who appreciate and recognize the serious effort we have been putting into our product.  So even as we lower prices to give you more value, we step up the efforts to provide a better product than the day, week, or month prior.

We appreciate all the support and hope you let us know what we can do to make your orders better.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!

Newsletter for June 6, 2010

Dear Sea Dwellers,

We are enjoying some true Summer weather which also brings great variety and stock levels.  I love this time of the year when it’s easy to get products with good weather helping collection efforts.

Last week we saw the first abundant showing of tiny sized clown triggers…which were not really so tiny…but perfect size.

Our Mexico partners started up last week as well with the first shipment of Passer angels along with bluespot jawfish, which were the first received from that area.

The stock list is aggressive and we are pulling out all stops to get you great pricing, without sacrificing quality which we never do.  In fact, we are pushing the bar higher every week and always discussing ways to improve.  It’s that ongoing effort to improve and provide a better product that makes our staff every special.

We appreciate all the support and hope you let us know what we can do to make your orders better.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!