January 3rd Newsletter (Happy New Year)

Dear Sea Dwellers,

As we embark into a new decade, we leave behind us one of much advancement in our industry.  There was a lot of change that had taken place over the last ten years, and we see a new wave of trends blazing their way throughout the hobby.  I see a bright future for our industry and hobby with all the success across the world in fish and coral farming.  Truly an exciting time for our industry and environment.

We enter into the new decade with a large amount of momentum carrying over from last year.  What is important here at SDC is that we continue to provide a very healthy product, at the best value you can find.  The popular consensus from all of you is that our quality has continued to lead our industry, but with the new value in lowered pricing, it’s simply super hard to beat our total package and we just keep plugging away to be better and stronger.

As we leave behind the last few years that have been very tough on most everyone, we keep the SDC tradition of working together to move forward out of the slumping economy and into a new generation of promise.  Together we stand….divided we fall.  This is the motto that we have taken years back,  and it has to be one of the reasons of our success today with so many of you.  I hope that as we work together and face the challenges of daily business, all of the Sea Dwelling family know that we stand behind our product and want all our customers to know that we want to be your loyal supplier for years and years to come!

Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!