January 17, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Sad news guys…….our good friend and industry member Rick Brenner has passed away after a long battle with Colon Cancer.  Rick was a great person and a personal friend.  Rick always treated people with great respect and was one of those people who had a special “ethic” about him.  Rick owned Jack’s Aquarium and had over a dozen  retail stores throughout Florida and Ohio.  Rick’s family has asked anyone interested to please make a donation in his name to either of:

St. Jude Children’s Hospital                           Ursulin Sisters of Mt. Joseph

Research Hospital                                         Attn: Sister Catherine Barber

501 St Jude Place                   OR                  8001 Cummings Rd.

Memphis, TN 38105                                       Maple Mount, KY 42356

We will miss Rick and our thoughts are with his family, friends, and all who knew him.

Also, this week’s tragedy in Haiti should not be overlooked…..please take the time to donate $10.00 or more to the American Red Cross to help in the relief efforts going on there.

On the business side of things…..we are taking things VERY seriously here at SDC.  Inventory strength has been the main focus and we have been calling out all resources to make sure we are stocked to the brim with the right product that you all need to run your business successfully.  We know that inventory level is just one of the many top priorities for us, but when we put together our top quality, pricing that has brought transshipping to it’s knees, along with our gigantic varieties…..it’s simply showing our desire and passion to make SDC the best place to source your marine livestock in the nation……period!  So don’t get left short at the airport baffled and disappointing when you are only receiving half of your order.  We want you to know that this will never happen to you if you choose SDC as your supplier and we have taken costly steps to make sure that does not happen to any of our customers.  We have very strict guidelines about our fill rates, and have even placed one of our best customer service reps as the “FILL-MAN” to makes sure every order has the opportunity to add or know what is coming in your order, BEFORE it leaves the packing tables.  NOBODY else does that or shows this kind of dedication.  Thanks for all of you who have called to tell us how much this service is appreciated…..YOU ARE VERY WELCOME, and we thank all of you for the support.

Last week, I mentioned to please be patient while we work out the video channel technical details.  I think we have a better solution this week, and the future is looking bright for the website update which will bring separate channels for different topics.  Some channels for example will be a Staff Channel where you can meet your sales rep, Instructional channel to teach those interested how to use/maintain new products or livestock, Daily Hotlist Videos etc……it’s gonna be awesome!  Click on the link to the right to see my welcome video….more to come!

Thanks to everyone that has already joined Reefcheck!  For those of you have not joined yet, please don’t forget to join Reefcheck and sign up for the refundable $25 membership.  We will credit you back on your next order so ultimately there is ZERO cost to you!  PLEASE support the environment and show Reefcheck that the Aquarium Industry truly does appreciate everything they do for us.

Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!