January 25, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Great times last week!  Thanks all!  Nice to hear the many success stories with so many shipments arriving well and appreciative customers.  What I said last week came true and we had the best fill rates of the year!  This week’s inventory is even better with large shipments arriving late last week, and over the weekend.  I am sure you all with be equally impressed with the stock level and added varieties of this week….it’s grand :) !

Something new this week is part of the future of SDC and providing our customers with the most popular items in the industry, and offering them at a price you can compete with against other online farmers.  We have seen zooanthid polyps break through the industry with some of the most exciting and extravagant names in the industry.  Easy to maintain, with all the beauty of the multiple colors within, we have searched for the brightest and most exotic colors and have cut and pasted them to industry standard frag discs with a plug base.  These nicely sized plugs are priced well to make them affordable and attractive to your retail customers.  Check out the pictures in the furnace this week to see these beautiful polyps.  We have also added some mixed colored packages together so you can choose a variety of the colors at a discounted price depending on how many you would like.

On the environmental front, I just was lucky enough to spend this past weekend in Mexico with the group of woman providing us with those beautiful Passer angels and other varieties we saw earlier last year.  I was there for a reunion with them and the local fisheries biologists to kick off the new permit and quotas for 2010.  This is the project I was so impressed with last year, that every collection site was strategically planned and studied before quotas for each fish and invert specie was placed on the permit.  This is one of the first of hopefully many to come methods of collecting ornamentals in a indisputable sustainable manner! And with the second year of success from this program, we will launch the label to go along with these fish.  Watch for the SMART label to come with your orders in the future.  These sustainable products are great for the industry and we hope to make the SMART label a household name.  SMART labels stand for Sustainably Managed Aquarium Resource Trade.  We truly hope that all of you will embrace such a program like this that is needed to improve the image of our industry. More on this to follow.

Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!