January 31, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

The Sea Dwelling Web Site has just taken another makeover and now has includes the new SDC Video Channel.  The new videos will introduce you to all the sales reps, staff, take you through the warehouse on a virtual tour and so much more!  We plan to add video weekly and will have all kinds of great educational and instructional topics. You will see me in all my goofy glory along with many of our SDC team……so I hope you enjoy the experience.

Gigantic inventory remains the theme here at SDC combining that with a strong variety.  In our spare time, we continue to seek out new products and suppliers that will keep your customers smiling:)  We all know that enthusiasts love to see new products a the retail stores, and we understand the need for a fresh line up of products to show them.  It’s smarter to keep smaller shipments coming into your stores each week, rather than try to wait and do a larger shipment every other week.

With that in mind, we will soon be launching a new shipping program with Fed Ex for smaller multiple box shipments, say 4 boxes or more, where we will offer some of the strongest door-to-door rates we have ever seen.  More on this to come, but let’s start thinking of how we can take advantage of a super priced shipping rate that will make those smaller shipments affordable and super convenient. No more stress about going to the airport for only 4 boxes when you can have Fed Ex deliver for close to the same cost.  These multiple box shipments are not handled box by box either, so the chance of one box being left behind will no longer be a factor.  That’s nice!

So many new customers over the last few months, we are very grateful and want to welcome everyone to their new home to stay!  We have been listening very carefully to the concerns and problems that have led these customers to us, and we are making sure that we remain ahead of the rest, and fine tune the challenges that face us on a weekly basis.  We best deal with this by having weekly meetings with our staff and reviewing the doa claims each week for any patterns so they may be corrected quickly.  Every customer should know that they play a major part in our success, and the feedback, good and bad, is always taken with appreciation.  Keep it coming…….thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how your shipments have arrived.

Thanks for all those showing continued support each week….Everyone here really appreciates it.

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!