Feb. 21st Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Let me point out some of the new products on our weekly stock list that some of you might be overlooking.  These are really great “Reef-Safe” items that will spice up your variety and fit into the mainstream market that is most popular.

Starting with the anthias…..we have again in – stock borbonius anthias…very cool, but a bit pricey.  Moving into the most popular and biggest group of new species are the Blue and Gold Blenny, Golden Tiger Blenny (very popular), Starry Blenny, Tribal Blenny, and Two – Spot Blenny (super popular).  Some other cool stuff are Tiger Wardi Goby (my favorite),  Lightening Surge Damsels, Mata Tangs, White Face Tangs, and Cryptic sixline wrasses which look like a six line with no lines, and have huge orange eyes….very cool.

Keeping a good variety in your store can go a long way to keep customers interested and coming back.  Due to space constraints within your store, you might want to rotate variety when you buy, and keep the inventory really changing up from week to week.  Even try two shipments a week and see how it affects your sales.  A good idea is to post in a conspicuous area when your shipment arrivals are coming in.  This will build walk-in traffic along with answering the infamous question we all know and love, “When is your next shipment arriving”! I wish we all had a dime for every time we heard that!

This week has another beautiful long list of product.  Red Sea, Australia, Acropora ultra colored colonies, Belize (oh…big news on that front with a new expansion), too much going on to list it all, but that is what the gigantic stock list is for:)  By the way, we are in the final stages of testing the new website ordering system that will have photos, and VERY user friendly which will make your online purchasing a completely new experience!  I think next week we will go fully live!  Thanks to a handful of customers that have been helping us by placing their orders online on this new system, and for the positive reviews recently received.

Finally for this week, let’s keep in mind what SDC is doing to help you make your business more profitable and successful.  Great Quality number 1.  Great pricing number 2.  Unsurpassed Variety and Depth! number 3 (my favorite).  And the ongoing effort to provide Great Customer Service!

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!