March 28, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Fill rates and our consistent quality has been at the top of the “SDC priority list”.  Getting your orders packed and shipped with your involvement to ensure you are happy with the results is something we take seriously.

Another important issue for us is that you all know about the new products we have worked hard to keep in stock for you.  We have struck gold with our new Pacific Ricordeas that we are calling “Orange Super Bicolor Ricordea” and they are a smash!  These new ric’s are not your common Atlantic or Pacific Yuma…but something new and beautiful priced well.

Some mention of other new items are:

KILLER rhodactis mushrooms, Tailspot Blenny, Sunset Fairy Wrasse, McCosker Fairy Wrasse, Two Spot Blenny, Tribal Blenny, Tiger Tunicates, SDC Syphastrea, SDC nano packs (both regular and Lords), Starry Eyed Possum Wrasse, Blue Flasher Wrasse, Fuzzy Tiger Abalone, Cuttlefish Eggs or Babies, Juv. Africanus Angels, Gold Heart Triggers, Large Nassarius Snails (bigger and less expensive than Tongan), Lanceolatus Fairy wrasse, Hooded Wrasse, Koi Fairy Wrasse, White Face Tangs, Black Shoulder Tangs, Maculiceps Tangs, Aiptasia Eating Files, War Paint Clown Gobies, Rosy Reef Hermits, big tank raised Indo Pumping Xenia, some of our Killer Chalice corals, Prism favia and Reverse Prism favia and more.  We have a new batch of Asian colony rocks just in, that are being held until ready, and you all should start seeing these ready to be sold hopefully early next week:)

For more information on the new items, please check out the furnace and our website to see cool pictures of our new and fresh items.

I am looking forward to another fun week working with all of you, and am pleased with the coral inventory we now have in stock.  Thanks to all of your who call in with your question and orders…..all of us here truly appreciate it.

Don’t forget about my open door policy…..please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I enjoy the challenge of making SDC customer happy!!

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!

March 21st. Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

A friendly reminder that we would like to invite all of you to join our facebook page, and become a fan of Sea Dwelling Creatures!  This is a fun way to see pictures, and have open discussions about cool stuff going on around the industry.   Please join us on Facebook by logging on and searching for Sea Dwelling Creatures, or just click the link below to the right and join us.  If you are not already a facebook member, it’s free to join and participate, you just have to register to open an account, and then it’s 100% fun!

This week I am happy to report that our already great quality just got better.  The last few weeks we have been successfully adding some extra husbandry protocols, that have increased our success rates with our fish shipments, as well as testing a new water source over the last month or so that has also shown us greater promise.

Even with all of the daily activity in our systems, the corals in our invert system have noticeably improved with polyp extensions on many of the varieties of corals.  Needless to say, all this hard work with even the smallest positive results is a nice reward.  We hope all our customers can appreciate it too!:)

Live rock arrival this Tuesday from Fiji!  We also have some of that killer Indo rock which is such a high quality, that your customers will truly notice a difference.  I have looked at a few boxes of the Indo rock and each pieces individually wrapped unveils a great piece one after another.

Don’t forget about my open door policy…..please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I enjoy the challenge of making SDC customer happy!!

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!

New Website Additions

Hey Sea Dwellers:

I just wanted to point out a few NEW additions to the online website that were added this week.

After you “LOG IN” (for SDC customers), you will see some NEW pages located at the bottom of each web-page.

Shipment Tracking” – A running list of links to the most popular airline cargo sites.  Just click the link, and it takes you directly to the area where you can enter your Tracking Number.

“Acclimation” – Some Helpful hints on best practices in Acclimation, and some current information on water parameters of our Fish and Invert System.

“Forms & Documents” – A library list of PDF documents that are used most frequently at SDC, Including, “Credit Card Authorization” and, “California Resale Certificate“.

We are continuing to update both the PUBLIC Website for everyone, and our LOGIN site for our customers.


Scott Cohen

March 7th, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

Hot diggity dog and chap my hide! We continue this barn burning pace with good weather in the future promising to make another great week! I am pumped up to get back at it, and we are stocked up ready to serve!

Very exciting news this week that we were chosen by Reef Nutrition, to be their first mainstream Distributor for their famous and high quality live and freshly raised foods.  I can’t tell you how long we have been wanting to offer their products, and finally the day is here!  This is going to be a big convenience to all of you that can now fill in orders without having to make big minimums for their fed ex rates.  The airline rates and no minimum order will help keep you in stock with fresh product in your refrigerators!  This product is well known and definitely has helped so many hobbyists keep their delicate animals thriving!

Live rock is coming Tuesday….so please take note of that.  I am sorry that we have not been able to keep up with the demand on rock, but we are doing all we can to adjust for the increased volume.  Thanks for your understanding.

LOTS of fish and corals this week….we have expanded the variety with new suppliers from Tonga, which has added some fish we had been lacking lately.  Simple items like Fiji Devil damsels, but it’s nice to have a dozen or more staple items back in the mix on a regular basis.

Don’t forget about my open door policy…..please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I enjoy the challenge of making EVERY SDC customer happy!!

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!