New Website Additions

Hey Sea Dwellers:

I just wanted to point out a few NEW additions to the online website that were added this week.

After you “LOG IN” (for SDC customers), you will see some NEW pages located at the bottom of each web-page.

Shipment Tracking” – A running list of links to the most popular airline cargo sites.  Just click the link, and it takes you directly to the area where you can enter your Tracking Number.

“Acclimation” – Some Helpful hints on best practices in Acclimation, and some current information on water parameters of our Fish and Invert System.

“Forms & Documents” – A library list of PDF documents that are used most frequently at SDC, Including, “Credit Card Authorization” and, “California Resale Certificate“.

We are continuing to update both the PUBLIC Website for everyone, and our LOGIN site for our customers.


Scott Cohen