April 11, 2010 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers,

There has been a lot of buzz around the industry these last few weeks as the petition deadline draws near for the Coral Petition being discussed by our government.   The industry has been asking for people that have experience in coral management or conservation, or other experience regarding the corals listed in this bill to ban certain species of corals, to please write urgently.

The bill basically lists 83 species of corals that are being considered banned.  I have read a few very well written pros and cons to the bill, but hope more we can find more people to give a professional opinion on the situation.

Interested persons may obtain a copy of this coral petition
online from the NMFS HQ website: http://

I hope everyone is settled in following the  Easter Break, and is ready for the coming week!  We have some great specials this week, and lot’s of healthy product ready to serve.

I look forward to seeing all your orders during the week….and helping to make this another good one:)

The live rock should be in early week, hoping for Tuesday arrival.  We would be happy to take your orders now, and get your orders scheduled so we can ship the rock orders as early as possible.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments so we can best serve you.  We really appreciate the feedback and want to hear from you.  Remember my open door (phone) policy:)

Best regards to all,

Eric and the whole SDC Crew!