January 23, 2011

Dear Sea Dwellers,  
This week has shaped up to something extraordinary!  Inventory is at it’s best, with a full line up of live rock, corals and fish, this is going to be one of those weeks!

I am really impressed with the coral selection in particular!  Australia and Fiji are topping the list with some really exciting quality and vibrant colors lighting up our facility!  Second on our list of toppers are the cultured cultures we now have in stock from our coral farm in Fiji!  This is only the beginning, but it’s looking very promising for a bright and affordable future for you all.

Some other notables this week would be the new Blue Life USA website, and it’s looking unbelievable!  If you haven’t seen their lineup lately, check it out at www.bluelifeusa.com

I am looking forward to another successful week….hope to see you there!

Never hesitate to contact me, I always appreciate your calls.


All the best!