Aril 24, 2011 Newsletter

Dear Sea Dwellers!

Last week of April is upon us, and I am pretty sure we are all amazed how fast flying! Crrrrrrazy!

Fish varieties are awesome this time of year, as usual. We offer the most expansive variety in the industry on both fish and coral, and we strive to lift our game on all aspects of the stock.

When you order with SDC, we will always do our best to give you the best variety, pricing and customer service. We know you have many choices where to buy your livestock, and we appreciate you all choosing us to be the main stream supplier for the bulk of your marine, freshwater and dry goods that will keep your customers excited and wanting to come back each week when the shipments arrive!

I can’t think of any other wholesaler in the industry that goes as far as we do to provide you with a customer service call on each order to discuss your fill rate as your order is being packed! We also make sure our stock list is updated each evening on both new arrivals and out-of-stock items. We don’t pretend to have fish that we don’t, just to make the stock list “seem” to be full. Everything we do, we try to bring you the REAL DEAL and bring you closer into our world as if you were picking out your fish yourselves!

All this is made possible by the efforts of many people working hard each week! It’s an ongoing effort that makes us that much more committed than anyone else. Again….we appreciate all your support and hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks to all who take the time to mention the success of their shipments…’s very appreciated!

Never hesitate to contact me, I always appreciate your calls.

All the best!