Newsletter for May 1, 2011

Dear Sea Dwellers!

Thanks for a nice response and orders last week! I guess tax returns are coming in and people are starting to get their refunds! Wishful thinking I know:)

Live rock container just came in fresh, so many styles of fresh live rock are in, and this load is from our main supplier which is a nice treat! We do have some base rock in stock from our previous supplier, which didn’t make the cut and was put out in the yard for discounted rock. This base rock has always sold well due to the low price, and I just want all of you to know that if you have people looking for discounted Fiji rock…this is as good a time to load up while it’s available.

Marshal Island Fish are coming in strong with some incredible specials that are too good to pass up. Stock levels this time of year are always good, and we hope you enjoy choosing from all the variety to choose from. Many shipments arriving each day, so please make sure you have access to the web site where you can download the daily updated stocklist. If you don’t have a current working password, please email me and I will get one activated for you. SDC customers only of course:)

Never hesitate to contact me, I always appreciate your calls.

All the best!