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SDC Newsletter for June 27, 2011

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Dear Sea Dwellers! This weeks featured item at Sea Dwelling Creatures is the beautifully colored Multicolor Angel (Centropyge multicolor). They are collected at depths beyond 80 feet and are best kept in tanks of 30+ gallons or without other angelfish unless they are in larger aquariums of 55 gallon or more. Their main diet consists […]

Newsletter for June 12, 2011

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Dear Sea Dwellers! SDC Cultured SPS Packs are UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME this week!! The variety, color, quality and prices are fantastic!! This week features blues, greens, yellows, pinks, aquas and tricolors!! The packages include several varieties from acropora, to pocillopora, seriatapora, hydnophora, stylophora and more!! Check the front page of the Specials list for prices and […]

StarkLED lights are moving quickly! Thank you all!!!

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Stark LED 60w High Power CREE LED Aquarium Light Available at Sea Dwelling Creatures FEATURES: 10 White bulbs 3w each 10 Blue bulbs 3w each Independent plugs 1 for whites 1 for blues Independent dimmers Built in Heat-Sync 4″ cooling fan that turns on and off automatically when unit gets warm and cool Hanging Wires […]