Newsletter for June 12, 2011

Dear Sea Dwellers!

SDC Cultured SPS Packs are UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME this week!!
The variety, color, quality and prices are fantastic!!

This week features blues, greens, yellows, pinks, aquas and tricolors!!
The packages include several varieties from acropora, to pocillopora, seriatapora, hydnophora, stylophora and more!!

Check the front page of the Specials list for prices and be amazed even further!!

We sent Carl, one of our SDC sales reps, to Fiji several months ago to hand select many of the mother colonies that were used to produce these incredible cultured SPS corals. While working with our farmers he helped with the pruning and planting process and now we are seeing the incredible fruits of their labor! Check out these beauties this week. See a video on our Furnace Gallery at Pick up a 10 pack or a 20 pack today. There are several hundred pieces in stock so we are more than confident that you will be highly impressed with the selection, colors, quality and pricing!!

We are now featuring a new LED Fixture that we believe is the best choice for those looking for small but powerful unit. What we like most about this unit is the style, and the ability to dim each the white and blue colors. With two included timers, and the right price, this is definately a unit worth considering! Here is a link to check it out STARK LED

With this, I leave you with just one last thought…….NOW is the RIGHT TIME to order from SDC! Your customers and business will really appreciate it:)

Never hesitate to contact me, I always appreciate your calls.

All the best!