Newsletter for July 17, 2011

Dear Sea Dwellers!

This week’s featured item at Sea Dwelling Creatures is the Helfrichi Firefish Goby. Unlike their relatives the red firefish and the purple firefish which are collected in shallower depths of 10-40 feet, the Helfrichi are usually collected at depths of 150-225 feet below sea level! Our collectors use the finest netting and take extra care in bringing them to the surface very slowly. This insures their ability to withstand the pressure changes from the 6-7 atmospheres of pressure change. Helfrichi Firefish used to retail for upwords of $200-$300 but are now usually found for sale in stores for as little as $60-$90. SDC has secured an excellent price on them that we pass along to you the retailer. See our SPECIALS for amazingly low pricing on these once rare gems of the sea!

Their diet should include mysis shrimp and/or brine shrimp and other small chopped frozen seafood. They will usually accept high quality flake food as well.

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