Remembering 9/11

Dear Sea Dwellers!

Remembering 9-11-2001

We all remember where we were when we heard the news of that fateful day ten years ago. It affected us all in a way that will never be able to be properly conveyed in words. One of the random memories we have here at SDC, being located across the street from one of the runways, is the eery silence of LAX which is typically roaring with the take-offs and landings of airplanes every minute or so. Also the lack of trucks rumbling down 104th Street. That day left us all to wonder what was next for all of us Americans. We have survived and continue to be strong as a nation. We are all very thankful for our countries great resolve. USA USA USA!!!
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STARK LED 60w CREE with dimmers VERSION 2.0
This unit is more intense than a 250w Metal Halide
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NEW 80 degree lenses
10 White bulbs 3w each
10 Blue bulbs 3w each
Independent plugs 1 for whites 1 for blues for “Dawn to Dusk” effect
Independent dimmers
Built in Heat-Sync
4″ cooling fan that turns on and off automatically when unit gets warm
Detachable Power Cords
Hanging Wires
2 – LCD 7-day Timers
3 year limited warranty
WATCH our NEW video for the
60w CREE VERSION 2.0 on YouTube:
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ALSO NEW 50w & 100w
“economy” LED’s from STARK LED
The “economy” LED’s do not have dimmers.
They do feature:
Independent plugs 1 for whites 1 for blues for “Dawn to Dusk” effect
On/Off switches
Cooling Fans (2 -3″ on 50w) and (3-4″ on 100w)
90 degree standard lenses
Detachable Power Cords
Hanging Wires
3 year limited warranty
50 watt (no dimmers)
100 watt (no dimmers)
YouTube link for 50w & 100w
(click on link -OR- copy and paste to browser)

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SDC Rare and different items
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Here at SDC we regularly carry many items that are not often found around the industry.

Just to name a few… Pink Banded Blenny, Tribal Blenny, Golden Tiger Blenny, Masuda Hogs, Melanurus Wrasse (flatworm eaters!!)
Rainbow Pseudochromis, Red Head Pseudochromis, Leopard Puffer, Ignitus Anthias, Ruby Cardinal, Tailspot Blenny, Spider Conchs,
Tiger Sand Conchs, Cuttlefish Eggs, Blue & Gold Blenny, Two Spot Blenny, Eagle Eye Colony Rock, Red Emperor Shrimp, Zebra Thorn Crabs, Orange Leg Hermits, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Orange Metallic Mushroom,
Bright Orange and Bicolor Ricordea Mushroom (Really nice and affordable), and of course all of the SDC CULTURED CORALS!!

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