SDC Newsletter for October 2, 2011

Dear Sea Dwellers,
SDC has a ANOTHER HUGE Aussie Coral shipment in stock for you this week!
Acan Lords, Honeycomb Brains, Scolys, Duncans, Prism and Reverse Prism
Favia Brains and much more, with
NEW LOWER PRICES on Acan Lord Colonies!!
See the stocklist for some amazing deals on the most luxurious of corals.

This weeks
“Fantastic Four Special”
is outstanding!

Get a Foxface Rabbit (algae eater),
Male Melanurus Wrasse (flatworm eater),
Green Bubble Anemone,
Male McKosker’s Wrasse

for the best price you have ever seen!
This combo is unbeatable!
See the top of the front specials page for pricing.
You won’t believe your eyes!

This weeks featured items are:

Acan Lords
Over 300 in stock!!

002 Aussie Acan Lords

Zoanthid Insanity
Hundreds of Colony Rock Zoa’s
in many different colors!!

004 Sweet Zoanthids (Colony Rocks)

Sweet Scolys
Over 100 to choose from!!

001 Aussie Scolys

Aussie Elegance
Colored Tips and Super Healthy!!

009 Aussie Elegance


SDC Rare and different items
that help you stand out
from your competitors!

Here at SDC we regularly carry many items that are not often found around the industry.

Just to name a few… Pink Banded Blenny, Tribal Blenny, Golden Tiger Blenny, Masuda Hogs, Melanurus Wrasse (flatworm eaters!!)
Rainbow Pseudochromis, Red Head Pseudochromis, Leopard Puffer, Ignitus Anthias, Ruby Cardinal, Tailspot Blenny, Spider Conchs,
Tiger Sand Conchs, Cuttlefish Eggs, Blue & Gold Blenny, Two Spot Blenny, Eagle Eye Colony Rock, Red Emperor Shrimp, Zebra Thorn Crabs, Orange Leg Hermits, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Orange Metallic Mushroom,
Bright Orange and Bicolor Ricordea Mushroom (Really nice and affordable), and of course all of the SDC CULTURED CORALS!!


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You will be able to view our traditional availability list and specials pages and you will also see our online order form which is updated daily! Give it a try… it is easier than replacing your fax paper and printer ink!

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Sea Dwelling Creatures
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