SDC Newsletter for June 23, 2013

Sea Dwelling Creatures Newsletter Updated June 23, 2013

Dear Sea Dwellers,

This Week at SDC

SDC Value Pack #1
1 s-sm Sailfin Tang
1 s-sm Foxface Rabbit
1 Tailspot Blenny

Limit 2 packs per Customer
Good on orders of $350.00+
If items are not available, we will substitute other items of equal value.


Aussie Nano Coral Packs are

Duncans, Favia, Favites, Platygyra, Galaxea, Chalice (Echinophyllia), Frogspawn, Blastomussa Welsi,
Blastomussa Merletti, Hammer, Alveopora and More!!
A vast assortment of Aussie corals can be yours by ordering in packs of 8, 16 or 32 pieces at very affordable pricing!!

In stock now!!
Tonga Fapiena
This is an actual box that is NOT cherry picked!!

Tonga Fusion
This is an actual box that is NOT cherry picked!!

Tonga Kaelini
This is an actual box that is NOT cherry picked!!

Tonga Medium Branch
This is an actual box that is NOT cherry picked!!

Tonga XL Branch
This is an actual box that is NOT cherry picked!!

Blue Life PC Bulb

Mix & Match any SPS Power Compact Bulbs

6700K, 10K, 6700K/10K,
Act 03, 10K/Act 03 or 420NM/460NM
65 watt & 96 watt SPS PC Bulbs
Straight Pin or Square Pin
See our Stock List for our BEST PRICING EVER!


IN STOCK NOW at Sea Dwelling Creatures!!
Here’s an overview of what awaits you in the pages of
Nano Reef Aquarium by Albert Thiel
Filtration for the Nano-Reef
Minimum Requirements
Stocking the Nano-Reef (Fishes and Such)
Corals and Inverts, Crustaceans and more
Pests, Parasites
Diseases of Corals
Non-Photosynthetic Corals
The Cleaning Crew in Detail.

This 448 page book isn’t some little pocket guide to nano reef’s, it is a comprehensive aquarium reference book – one that will needs to find a place next to your other reefkeeping titles.

What can you expect from Albert’s insight into nano reefs? A bucket load! This book pretty much contains every single thing you could possibly think about when it comes to nano reefs. Lighting through to coral pests, macro algae’s and oxydators – it’s all in here. Even the “newer” reefkeeping methods such as ZEOvit and biopellets get a nod in this book – but from a nano point of view. Everything that is in this book is nano reef associated, kind of a ‘nano first, big tank later’ type of thinking. It’s refreshing.

You might be wondering if this book will teach you something – I’m certain you’ll find something new in this publication – do you know what an oxydator is? Perhaps the usual reef aquarium basics (filtration, lighting etc) aren’t your thing but the livestock references alone make this book invaluable. Albert talks fish, corals, algae, critters and everything else you might find living in your little patch of reef.

To ensure that the content of this book remains relevant, Albert will be keeping it up to date via the monthly “Marine Reef” newsletter. This is a good idea as printed material can become dated quite quickly in today’s digital age.

What I really like about this book is that the overall tone is very much a conversational one – it’s like you’ve got Albert personally talking to you about all these nano reef subjects. It makes for an easy read, even when things start to get complicated. Albert’s writing flows really well – sometimes a little too well – but we’re all guilty of rambling at the best of times when it comes to discussing our passions.

From a content stand point, Nano Reef Aquariums, is an outright winner – reading this one cover to cover is going to take even the most seasoned reader a good amount of time. The shear volume of information contained within the pages might need a good few passes before you are able to retain all of it. The photography throughout is of a high-level, but you’re not going to find pages and pages of glorious aquarium photography – the images found on these pages do a good job of supporting the subjects Albert addresses.

Article by Curvball


SDC’s Showcase
Fish of the Week

Clown Trigger
Small and Small-Medium are on the “Super Saver Specials”

Many other fish and invert photos are posted below!


Sea Dwelling Creatures is Cutting Edge

Our large husbandry staff has been working with some of the nations leading veterinarians and is staying on the cutting edge of Marine Animal Husbandry Techniques.

We have recently added several state of the art systems including our Coral Boutique system to hold our finest high end SPS and other Aussie, Fiji, Solomon, Cultured and Jakarta corals. This system has a variety of lighting for the “comfort” of the different types of corals that it houses and is temperature controlled to a level of +/-1 degree.

Our Shrimp holding system has had tremendous success with Cleaner and Fire Shrimps. It houses only these animals to ensure the purest water conditions possible.

We have also added a brand new Fish system for housing clownfish and some other delicate species to make certain that they are properly quarantined for all of our greater success.

Four more good reasons to purchase your livestock from SDC!

Thank you for your patronage!


Over 4000 Sea Dwelling Creatures fans on Facebook can’t be wrong about the coolest place to see up to the minute photos of corals, fish, dry goods, features and events here at SDC!

Click on the link above and “Like” our page. You will see what your customers are talking about as well as industry leaders and other fans.

Get a leg up on the competition and see what you are missing!


CONGRATULATIONS to June’s Employee of the Month – Stephen Cooke!!!
This month, the Employee of the Month Award goes to Stephen Cooke in the Husbandry Department. We want to thank Stephen for his great work ethic and attitude every day he comes to work.

Stephen Cooke photo by James Twiford

Special recognition awards go to:

Derrick Jones – For his recognized and appreciated help in the shipping department where he has not only made a huge effort to keep our shipments going to the airport on time, but has also noticeably helped out by being a strong clipper on the packing tables!
GREAT WORK DERRICK!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your sincere effort!

“Nena” Maria Cerrillo – Is also our recipient of the “Special Recognition” award for her constant hard work and love for the company! Maria is always doing her best, and always the first one to help out when someone has a question! THANK YOU very much NENA!!!!!!


***New dry goods***

FRITZ-Zyme – Turbo Start
Blue Life USA’s – Safety Stop
Cobalt Aquatics – MJ Powerheads
Cobalt Aquatics – Neo Therm heaters

for Freshwater & Saltwater aquariums!
Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite
Allows Safe Immediate Introduction of Livestock
Prevents “New Tank Syndrome”
Establishes and Maintains a Healthy Biofilter
Prevents Fish Loss
A Safe, Natural Approach to Water Treatment

FritzZyme® TurboStart® 900 contains the same proven strains of effective, Live Nitrifying Bacteria as FritzZyme 9, but at 15 times the concentration. TurbosStart 900 reduces fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria the without FritzZyme can take weeks; FritzZyme TurboStart completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock. TurboStart may be added to new tanks or established systems any time the biofilter needs fortification including; after water changes, aggressive cleaning, adding new livestock, medicating, or changing filter media.
Size Treats
1 oz. 20 gal.
4 oz. 80 gal.
8 oz. 150 gal.
16 oz. 320 gal.
32 oz. 640 gal.
1 gallon 2,560 gal.


Safety Stop from Blue Life USA

Safety Stop from Blue Life USA is a simple and effective way to protect your Saltwater & Freshwater fish from unwanted disease outbreaks. This two part dip is recommended for stores and consumers as a way of giving your fish a “bath” before introducing them to hospital quarantine or their intended aquarium. Safety Stop comes in a beautiful counter top display box with 52 – two part packages. Retail MSRP is only $4.99 and it can be used on several fish per package. This is the best insurance there is for your fish!
Safety Stop review on Reef


Cobalt Aquatics has given us back the powerhead we all knew and loved,
the MJ Powerhead! We used to know this as a “Maxi-Jet” from another company that decided to change their design and make it cheaper in another country, but this is the original Italian made “MJ” that is known for it’s superior craftsmanship and durability.
Sea Dwelling Creatures is proud to be able to offer the best powerhead in the history of our industry from our friends at Cobalt Aquatics!
Video link showing all of the original accessories and MJ Powerheads

Cobalt has also designed the best aquarium heater we have ever seen!

The Neo-Therm plastic heater has only one button for simplicity of setting the desired temperature for your aquarium. Made of hard, unbreakable plastic, the Neo-Therm is the best long term value in the heater market. Fully submersible!

Many have tried and failed to make a quality heater but Cobalt has found success!
Read the write up on Reef Builders here
Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater on Reef Builder


Got Tank Raised Clowns?
SDC has them waiting for you!!

See video in THE FURNACE of our
Crazy Creatures Clownfish!

Onyx Percula Clown ”B” Grade

008 Onyx Percula Clown ''B'' Grade

Picasso Clown ”C” Grade T/R

003 Picasso Clown ''C'' Grade T-R

Onyx Picasso Clowns, ”A” Grade T/R

001 Onyx Percula ''A'' Grade

Black & White Ocellaris Clowns T/R

006 Blk & Wht Ocellaris Clowns T-R


There are many cool things happening at SDC.
This is our new “Special Care” system and it is running at full speed here at Sea Dwelling Creatures!

This system is for some of the more finicky fish so we can properly monitor their progress before shipping.

SDC is always going the extra mile for our fish & yours!


The Coral Boutique has been expanded by another 1000 gallons
and is packed with great coral from
Australia, Fiji, Jakarta and Solomons.

New SDC Cultured Corals available in
THE FURNACE in slots A01-A23
See photo’s here


Corals and Inverts IN STOCK NOW!!
“The Furnace”
“The Coral Boutique”

Aussie Red Lobo

Assorted Colored Mushroom

Red Carpet Anemone

Celestial Palys

Blue or Red Mushrooms

Eclipse Palys

Aussie Blasto Merletti

Super Purple Acro

Cultured Green Seriatopora

Super Montipora

Tricolor Acro

Aussie “War Coral” Brain

Red Brain

Rose Bubble Anemones

Echinophyllia Chalice Coral

Aussie Alveopora

Bubble Anemones – Colored

Blastomussa Welsi – Aussie

The Furnace A-20


Green Coris Wrasse

8″ Blonde Naso with Streamers

Blue Spot Jawfish

Falco Hawk

Platinum Picasso Clowns

Reticulated Butterfly

Yellowfin Fairy Wrasse

Jans Pipefish

10″ Blueline (Fuscus) Trigger

Spotted Yellow Eye (Kole) Tang

AFRICAN Orange Banded Prawn Goby 3 inch

Starry Blenny 5 inch

Comes (Ringtail) Seahorse

Tomato Clown

Dragon Pipefish

Rhomboid Wrasses

Tiger (Wardi) Goby

Harlequin Tusk

Ocellaris Clown: Black&White – Tank Raised

Polleni Grouper

Line Spot Flasher Wrasse

Electric Blue Damsel

Geometric Pygmy Hawk


Please get your orders in early for the best service that we can provide to you. Have a great week!

Please take some time to talk to your SDC Sales Rep to hear more about the incredible supply of fish and corals that we have each week at
Sea Dwelling Creatures.




StarkLED Flare



Sea Dwelling Creatures


The Benefits of

“Essential for all Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums”

Super Carbon
Phosphate Resin
Organic Scavenger
All in one!

Individual results are flying in to
Blue Life USA’s Facebook page

Comments such as, “Incredible Results”, “Revolutionary”

Get yours today at
Sea Dwelling Creatures!

Sea Dwelling Creatures is
proud to be a MAC Certified Industry Operator, and havesuccessfully been accreditedas being in compliance with the
requirements of the
Husbandry and Transport (HHT)
Standard addressing the holding,husbandry, packing, transport,
etc. of fish, corals and other marine invertebrates and plants.


We have just added a new state of the art coral system here at SDC.
Great Aussie, Cultured, Fiji, Jakarta, Solomon and Vietnam Corals in stock. See our website for videos and photos and stay tuned for exciting updates!
The NEW “Coral Boutique” is up and running with crystal clear water
thanks to Ariel from Blue Life USA for making us jumbo sized
CLEAR Fx PRO to run in the system!


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It’s legal graffiti.


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George Teodoro –
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James Twiford –
Jeremy Cabot-
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Von Carter –
Eric Cohen Sales Assistant –
Terry Banner – National Customer Service Manager –
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