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Dear         Sea Dwellers,


This week at         SDC 


1 Gold Midas Blenny 

1 Sunset Fairy Wrasse, Male 


Save OVER 50%

Limit 3          packs per Customer

Good on orders of $350.00+

If items are not available, we will substitute other items         of equal value.


Acan Lords are on  

“Super Saver Special”          

this week at SDC!!

Lowest pricing ever!! 


Visit SDC’s         own Paul Votava and Carl Coloian at “Aquatic Experience” on         November 15-17
near Chicago in suburban Schaumburg.

Paul         and Carl will be setting up both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums         highlighting the best of the best that is available at Sea Dwelling         Creatures! 

Paul has over 40 years of aquatics experience having started         off breeding fish at 7 years old and continuing on through his life by         selling both freshwater and saltwater fish, corals and plants. 

Carl, the junior member of this pair with a mere 22 years         working at SDC has dove and collected fish, coral and live rock in Fiji         for over 2 years as well as work in Vanuatu, Hawaii, The Marshall         Islands and Key West.

Aquatic         Experience – Chicago is the first show in our industry’s history to         combine everything aquatic under one roof. From saltwater to freshwater         with pond and aquatic reptiles. Consumers and retailers are invited to         join us for educational seminars, fish auctions and a thriving show         floor filled with hobbyists from entry level to the most sophisticated         aquarium keepers as well as livestock and equipment experts and the         industries best and trend setting manufacturers.

Add in a bevy of high powered speakers you’ve heard of and read         articles from but have not had the chance to meet in person and you’ve         got a “must see” for any aquarist no matter what their         experience level.

For more         info go to the “Aquatic Experience” on
or visit the website




Sea         Dwelling Creatures is featured on 3 new episodes of “L.A.         Fishguys” with host Jim Stime Jr. 

Here is the
*NEWEST*         one with Eric and Carl
L.A. Fishguys         #125

“Filling         the Order” 

See         Eric work on an incoming shipment and Carl shows you part of the order         process and explains why he loves to pick your corals and cool fish.

YouTube         Video

L.A.         Fishguys #124 

“Getting         Fish In”
YouTube video 

L.A.         Fishguys #123 

“Taking         Care of our Customers”

YouTube         video          




SDC         is featured on the hit Animal Planet TV show 


This past weeks new episode is “Brace         Yourself for Employee of the Month”.

Eric joined Wayde and Brett in the episodes titled “Smiling is the Best         Medicine” and         “Just what the doctor ordered” and will be featured again in         new episodes this month!



For         regular updates, make sure to “Like” our SDC Facebook page         and click “Get Notifications” as well as “Show in News         Feed”.  This will keep you in tune with the latest and         coolest arrivals at SDC as well as exciting news about SDC appearing on         “TANKED”!! 

Follow         this link to get started…




Aussie         Nano Coral Packs are  

IN         STOCK NOW at SDC !!

Duncans, Favia, Favites, Platygyra, Frogspawn, Alveopora,         Blastomussa Welsi, Hammer, Blastomussa Merletti, Chalice (Echinophyllia),         Galaxea and More!!

A         vast assortment of Aussie corals can be yours by ordering in packs         of 8, 16 or 32 pieces at very affordable pricing!!

Many other fish and invert         photos are posted below!


Blue         Life PC Bulb 

BLOWOUT         at SDC 


Mix & Match any SPS Power Compact         Bulbs


6700K,         10K, 6700K/10K,
Act 03, 10K/Act 03 or 420NM/460NM

65 watt & 96 watt SPS PC Bulbs

Straight         Pin or Square Pin

See our Stock List for our BEST         PRICING EVER!




Platinum Picasso

Many other fish and invert photos are posted below!


Over 6700 Sea Dwelling Creatures fans on         Facebook can’t be wrong about the coolest place to see up to the minute         photos of corals, fish, dry goods, and events here at SDC!
Click on the link above and “Like” our page.  You         will see what your customers are talking about as well as industry         leaders and other fans. 

Get a leg up on the competition and see what you are missing!


***New dry goods*** 

FRITZ-Zyme         – Turbo Start

Blue Life USA’s – Safety         Stop  

Cobalt Aquatics         – MJ Powerheads 
Cobalt Aquatics – Neo Therm heaters

FRITZ-Zyme         -         TURBO START


for         Freshwater & Saltwater aquariums!

Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia         and Nitrite

Allows Safe Immediate Introduction of Livestock
Prevents “New Tank Syndrome”
Establishes and Maintains a Healthy         Biofilter
Prevents Fish Loss
A Safe, Natural Approach to Water Treatment

FritzZyme® TurboStart® 900 contains the         same proven strains of effective, Live Nitrifying Bacteria as FritzZyme         9, but at 15 times the concentration. TurbosStart 900 reduces fish loss         due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Establishing colonies of         nitrifying bacteria the without FritzZyme can take weeks; FritzZyme         TurboStart completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing         for safe, immediate addition of livestock. TurboStart may be added to         new tanks or established systems any time the biofilter needs         fortification including; after water changes, aggressive cleaning,         adding new livestock, medicating, or changing filter media.

Size Treats

1 oz. 20 gal.

4 oz. 80 gal.

8 oz. 150 gal.

16 oz. 320 gal.

32 oz. 640 gal.

1 gallon 2,560 gal.


Safety Stop from Blue Life USA

Safety Stop from Blue Life USA is a simple         and effective way to protect your Saltwater & Freshwater fish from         unwanted disease outbreaks.  This two part dip is recommended for         stores and consumers as a way of  giving your fish a         “bath” before introducing them to hospital quarantine or         their intended aquarium. Safety Stop comes in a beautiful counter top         display box with 52 – two part packages. Retail MSRP is only $4.99 and         it can be used on several fish per package.  This is the best         insurance there is for your fish!   

Safety Stop review on Reef           



Cobalt         Aquatics has         given us back the powerhead we all knew and loved,
the MJ  Powerhead! We used to know this as a         “Maxi-Jet” from another company that decided to change their         design and make it cheaper in another country, but this is the original         Italian made “MJ” that is known for it’s superior         craftsmanship and durability. 

Sea Dwelling         Creatures         is proud to be able to offer the best powerhead in the history of our         industry from our friends at Cobalt Aquatics!

Video link showing all of the         original accessories and MJ Powerheads 


Cobalt has also designed the best         aquarium heater we have ever seen! 

The Neo-Therm plastic heater has only one         button for simplicity of setting the desired temperature for your         aquarium.  Made of hard, unbreakable plastic, the Neo-Therm is the         best long term value in the heater market.  Fully submersible!

Many have tried and failed to         make a quality heater but Cobalt has found success!
Read the write up on Reef Builders here

Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater on Reef Builder


Got Tank Raised         Clowns? 
SDC has them waiting for you!! 

See videos         in “THE FURNACE” of our 

Crazy Creatures         Clownfish!

***NEW*** Midnight Clowns

Snowflake         Ocellaris “Ultra” Grade “A” & “B”

Black Ice         Clowns

003 Black Ice Clown T-R

 Onyx Percula Clown ”B” Grade          

Picasso Clown ”C” Grade T/R

Onyx Picasso Clowns, ”A” Grade T/R

Black & White Ocellaris Clowns T/R


New SDC Cultured Corals available         in 

THE FURNACE in slots         A01-A21 

See photo’s here




Corals and Inverts in  

“The Furnace” 

“The Coral Boutique”

Super Acan Lords

Red Lobos

Torch Corals

Blue Staghorn Acro

Aussie Duncans

Super Orange Favia

Cultured Pink Seriatopora 


Super Pocillopora Damicornis  

Cultured         Green Seriatopora 

Super Acro

Red Goniopora

Aussie Metallic Fungia

Blue Zoa & Paly Mix

Red Brain 



Celestial Palys

Eclipse Palys

Aussie “War Coral”         Brain 


Rose Bubble Anemones

Blastomussa Welsi – Aussie 





Cryptic         Sixline Wrasse



  Juvenile         Harlequin Tusk  



  Ultra Snowflake Clown T/R



Tank Raised         Lookdown Fish



Ultra         Onyx Picasso Clown T/R  



Clown         Trigger 




Blue Spot         Jawfish



Blue Line         (Fuscus) Trigger



 8″         Blonde Naso with Streamers 



Falco Hawk



Platinum         Picasso Clowns



Yellowfin         Fairy Wrasse



Tomato Clown



Dragon         Pipefish




Tiger         (Wardi) Goby



Harlequin         Tusk



Ocellaris         Clown: Black&White – Tank Raised



   Polleni Grouper




Electric         Blue Damsel



Geometric         Pygmy Hawk




 Please get your orders in early         for the best service that we can provide to you.  Have a great         week! 


Please take some time to talk to your SDC Sales Rep to         hear more about the incredible supply of fish and corals that we         have each week at

Sea Dwelling Creatures. 








StarkLED           Flare






Sea Dwelling Creatures 





The Benefits of


“Essential for all Freshwater and Saltwater         Aquariums”

Super Carbon
Phosphate Resin
Organic Scavenger

All in one!

Individual results are flying in to

Blue Life USA’s Facebook page


Comments such as, “Incredible         Results”, “Revolutionary”

Get yours today at

Sea         Dwelling Creatures!


Sea Dwelling Creatures is

proud to be a MAC Certified Industry Operator, and         havesuccessfully been accreditedas being in compliance with the

requirements of the

Husbandry and Transport (HHT)

Standard addressing the holding,husbandry, packing,         transport,

etc. of fish, corals and other marine invertebrates and         plants.





We         have just added a new state of the art coral system here at SDC.

Great         Aussie, Cultured, Fiji, Jakarta, Solomon and Vietnam Corals in stock.         See our website for videos and photos and stay tuned for exciting         updates!

The         NEW “Coral Boutique” is up and running with crystal clear         water

thanks         to Ariel from Blue Life USA for making us jumbo sized

CLEAR         Fx PRO to run in the system!







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Eric Cohen Sales Assistant –

Terry Banner         – National Customer Service

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