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Dear Sea Dwellers,


Colored, Haitian and Purple





Large Import/Export company of saltwater tropical fish & corals needs entry level warehouse personnel (FT/PT). *NOT an office or retail position*.

– Lifting & loading boxes that are at least 30 lbs. It’s a physical job.
– Professional attitude. Attention to detail.
– Strong Communication skills includes ability to speak English
– Team player/Social Skills
– High school diploma or equivalent.

– Valid CA driver license & good driving record
– Cargo airline/LAX experience
– Tropical saltwater fish & coral experience
– Speak Spanish

Medical benefits & retirement plan available after applicable waiting period provided that eligibility requirements are met.

Compensation: Positions starting at $9-$10 per hour (specialized experience earns more $$$).

Email or FAX resume (310) 676-9699. Attn: Kelly


Freshwater Orders

Freshwater orders can be placed by marking on the PDF inventory, or simply emailing or faxing a list to your sales person.
A current freshwater list is attached to the daily stock reports, and can also be downloaded from the on-line ordering site.
We no longer offer on-line ordering for freshwater fish.



This week at SDC…


Smooth Hound Shark 

Over 3 feet long!! 

Aussie Blastomussa Welsi!!

There are many more new photos
further down the page!! 


A New Year Newsletter from Kessil Lighting about SDC!! 


“Happy 2015! Have you made your resolutions yet? We see every year as an opportunity to strive to be better. Recently, we got a chance to visit a company that shares those same values.

For Sea Dwelling Creatures (SDC), 2015 marks their 23rd year in operation!

What started in 1992 out of a home office has now expanded to a 25,000 square feet warehouse with over 130,000 gallons of holding tanks. Sea Dwelling Creatures is now a household name in the aquarium industry, known for their incredible selection of livestock and dry goods.

Behind the wild success of SDC are the Cohen brothers and their partner, Brad Remmer. Scott and Eric Cohen have been involved in the aquarium industry their entire lives, and that experience translates to some of the healthiest, most vibrant livestock available. Not only is the SDC team focused on bringing the best products available, they are also working to improve the hobby by promoting sustainable harvesting techniques and aqua-cultured products.


Come check out their impressive facility, illuminated by Kessil lights. With two lifetimes of experience in the aquarium industry, the Cohen brothers understand what it means to have a reliable product that will stand the test of time. As Scott puts it, “if it takes a lickin’ at Sea Dwelling Creatures and keeps on tickin’, you’ve got something there.”

YouTube video of Scott Cohen speaking about Kessil Lighting…


YouTube video of Eric Cohen speaking about Kessil Lighting…


“The Furnace” Wholesale WYSIWYG and
“The Coral Boutique” at SDC feature


Aquarium Lighting

NEW Models and Controllers are IN STOCK NOW at SDC!!

The new A160’s feature a manually controllable dimmer just like the A360’s.  You can also upgrade to the “Spectral Controller” for any of the units, which is equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display. The Spectral Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion. The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won’t disrupt the look of your aquarium.


**Spectral Controller**

**Kessil A160’s with NEW Manual Controllers!!**

A160W Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks)

A160W Tuna Sun (for Freshwater Tanks)

(both of the above simulate a 160 watt Metal Halide Bulb using only 40 watts!!)

A360W Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks) 

A360W Tuna Sun (for Freshwater Tanks)

A360N Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks)

(The 3 units above simulate a 360 watt Metal Halide Bulb using only 90 watts!!)

“W” is for Wide focus (for most tanks) and

“N” for Narrow focus which is better for tanks that are over 36″ top to bottom

Kessil Lighting is on the Top Shelf for all LED’s on the Market and is surprisingly affordable to purchase, operate and maintain.

Lower your electric bills significantly and never change a bulb again!!


“LED Showdown Winner” 


“The highest quality aquarium LED’s on the market”

~ Carl Coloian – SDC Sales Rep & former Dry Goods Mgr. since 1992

Do you want to learn more about Kessil LED’s?
Check out their website here…

Kessil LED’s are IN STOCK NOW at Sea Dwelling Creatures


Make a connection with your customers! 

Get your SDC, “TANKED” Posters and Aquarium Static Cling Labels.




Each kit includes: 2 – Posters 13″x19″ and 4 – Aquarium Static Cling Labels 4″x8″ 


Ask your sales rep for a FREE “Tanked Media Kit”!!








SDC’s Facebook page is the place to be for regular updates, photos, videos, industry stories and more!  If you want to be the first to know when something cool hits the water at
Sea Dwelling Creatures then “Like” our page today!

Click here…  Sea Dwelling Creatures on Facebook




Super nice Condy Anemones!!

Smooth Hound Shark  

OVER 3 Feet Long!!

Juv. Chevron Tangs, Rainbow Basslets,
Aussie Metallic Wall Hammer, Banded Angels,
Male & Female Crosshatch Triggers,
Midnight Ocellaris Clowns, Big Eye Catalufa,
Ultra Grade Aussie Blastomussa Welsi
Juv. Africanus Angels and SO MUCH MORE!!

Sea Dwelling Creatures in their Newsletter

SDC’s Youth Education Program

**NEW** “Loss Leader Specials“!!


Blue (Hippo) Tangs
Diamond Gobies
Firefish Gobies
White Sand Stars

Great Industry Staples at AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES THIS WEEK!!

SDC Value Pack 


1 Female Orange Anthias
1 Ruby Red Dragonette
1 Tailspot Blenny
1 Scooter Blenny 


Over 40% in Saving!! 





**NEW** “RESINATOR” flow-through Media Reactor

from Blue Life USA was a HUGE success at MACNA and is IN STOCK NOW at SDC!!  


SDC is featured on “TANKED”


Hundreds of Coral pictures and Videos!!
CLICK HERE for “The Furnace” where the HOT STUFF is!!



Do you want to see it first?


This Red Longjaw Wrasse 

first appeared on SDC’s Facebook Page and is

IN STOCK NOW at Sea Dwelling Creatures!!




***NEW*** Rainbow Basslet 

first appeared on SDC’s FACEBOOK PAGE

***IN STOCK NOW!!***

Reef Builders wrote an article shortly thereafter…  

Link to article…


See our Facebook page for regular updates of  

the latest and coolest items that swim through SDC!!

Click here for Sea Dwelling Creatures Facebook page

SDC’s Youth Education Program


SDC has been reaching out to youth programs for over 20 years.  We regularly invite schools, camps and other educational institutions to come and visit SDC.  We even pack up our critters for field trips.  SDC believes that education is the foundation for future hobbyists.  During our tours and field trips, we educate the children on the importance of sustainable collection, proper handling and  husbandry techniques.  SDC is proud of our education program and we look forward to the opportunity to teach young aquarists for years to come.

SDC sales rep George Teodoro in the classroom with the kids.

The busiest booth at the recent MACNA was that of

Blue Life USA thanks to their cool new  

“RESINATOR” flow-through Media Reactor.

 The Resinator comes loaded with Clear Fx Pro and only needs a Cobalt MJ-600 power-head pump for small tanks or a Cobalt MJ-1200 for large tanks to run. The pumps are IN STOCK NOW at SDC.

All the water gets forced through this fantastic new product ensuring the maximum filtration of phosphates, ammonia and other dissolved organics!


Replacement carbon and scavenger cartridges are also available.


The Fx Resinator Line is the most efficient filtration system on the market. The pressurized reactor, coupled with Blue Life USA’s powerful medias provide maximum filtration capacity. Easy setup and maintenance makes the RESINATOR Reactor the perfect one step filtration system for both beginners and experts alike.

Read more info here….


Distributed at Sea Dwelling Creatures

Carl’s Creatures of the Week…


Fiji Foxface Rabbits                            Metallic Foxface Rabbits

Great algae eaters!!

Rainfordi Gobies!!

Sand sifters!!



Aussie Gold Torch Coral

Male Lineatus Fairy Wrasse

Bicolor Chromis                                                              Ruby Cardinal
Lamarck Angels
Orange Line Green Chromis

Colony Rock Zoanthids

Glove Polyps (top) & Clove (Daisy) Polyps (bottom)
Juv. Chevron Tang

Sunset Fairy Wrasse – Male
                             Female Crosshatch Trigger                                             Male Crosshatch Trigger
                           Pop Eye Catalufa Squirrelfish                                        Midnight Ocellaris Clown



Yellow Leather – Fiji

                             Naoko Fairy Wrasse – Male                                   Whit Tail Yellow Eye (Kole) Tang
                                   Cup (Pagoda) Coral                                                      Umbrella Leathers

Aussie Fungia (Cycloseris)

Yellow Belly Blue Tangs – Africa



Ruby Red Dragonettes

Colony Rock Zoanthids


Male Bluejaw Triggers



Female Bluejaw Triggers




“Loss Leader Specials”

SDC continually strives to find ways to bring you more affordable and profitable options to stimulate sales.  We have come up with these new “Specials” to give stores items to offer at some of the lowest pricing ever seen in our 20+ year history!


This week…

 Blue (Hippo) Tangs (limit 4) 

Diamond Gobies (limit 6) 

Firefish Gobies (limit 6)
White Sand Stars
(limit 4) 




See our stock list for pricing and make sure you

are sitting down before you look!

Good on orders of $450.00+





1 Female Orange Anthias
1 Ruby Red Dragonette 

1 Tailspot Blenny 

1 Scooter Blenny

Over 40% in Savings!!  

Limit 3 Packs per Customer

Good on orders of $450.00+ 

If items are not available, we will substitute other items of equal value



Got Plumbing?

SDC has a wide range of plumbing supplies for your needs including…


Ball Valves 

Float Valves 

True Union Ball Valves 

Single Union Ball Valves 

Flapper Check Valves 

Spring Check Valves 



Ultra Flex PVC 


Eductors and more!!

Contact your SDC sales rep or your favorite retailer for more info.


Tank Raised beauty at SDC!! 

Snowflake Phantom Ocellaris                Gold Nugget Maroon

Sankeyi Pseudo                     Yellow Assessor Basslet

Onyx Percula “B” Grade                Picasso Clown “B” Grade


See our Facebook page for regular updates of
the latest and coolest items that swim through SDC!!



Coral Insanity!!




SDC has just installed and is distributing


over “THE FURNACE” wholesale WYSIWYG
The corals have never looked HOTTER!!


See more KESSIL fixture photos further down this page. 

Take a look…


With the newly expanded “Coral Boutique” and  

“The Furnace” Wholesale WYSIWYG, SDC has more corals than anywhere in the world other than the ocean!!


We have added 50% more holding capacity and are filled to the brim with AMAZINGLY nice corals from all over the world!!


Aquarium Lighting



“LED Showdown Winner”


“The highest quality aquarium LED’s on the market”

~ Carl Coloian – SDC Sales Rep & former Dry Goods Mgr. since 1992

Tunable Spectrum
Select the spectral point you prefer with full confidence your corals are getting what they need for optimal growth and color.

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA (March 6, 2013) – Kessil® Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED aquarium lights, proudly announces the release of the A360N and A360W models. Based on the award-winning A350/A350W platform, winner of the Reef Builders 2012 LED Showdown, the A360 series brings new features and innovations to the industry and raises the bar for the competition.

The A360 features Kessil’s new proprietary Kessil Logic™, a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. In this new design, instead of varying the light intensity of two different channels to find the desired color and intensity mix, users can select the perfect spectrum and color with one knob and then adjust the intensity with the other. Kessil Logic™ will not only dramatically improve the user experience, it will also boost the light output at both ends of the spectral tuning range by as much as 30%.

In addition to its enhanced manual control-ability, the A360 comes with a pair of ports that allows the fixture to be governed by external devices. This new control interface operates within a 0-10VDC range, making it compatible with several popular aquarium external controllers. When daisy-chained in series without an external controller, the first A360 acts as the master unit propagating its settings to all other lights in the chain.

“We continually strive to bring great innovation to this industry,” says David Lowry, Kessil Sales Manager. “Adding Kessil Logic™ to Dense Matrix™ LED makes the A360 a product that is truly one of a kind!”



“For the second straight year, we compiled a pool of some of the LED lights that were released the previous year and asked you to tell us which one you felt was the most compelling and we are proud to announce the Kessil A350 as the winner of the 2012 Reef Builders LED showdown. We decided to make the contest a bit more dramatic by pitting the field of 32 against each other in a tournament-style bracket and after the smoke cleared it was an extremely tight contest with the Kessil A350 winning with 52% of the vote.

We wanted to say thank you to everyone that voted and chimed in on the contest – whether you loved it or hated it. We’ve seen the LED side of the hobby take off over the last few years and have come across so many worthy, innovative and intriguing lights (and plenty of duds as well). The contest was not to determine the best LED light on the market, the best PAR output, the most efficient light, the most used LED light, the best value, or the most features – this was just to determine which LED you found the most compelling.

We had a lot of fun putting this together and it did exactly what we hoped the contest would do, bring more exposure and more conversation around the quality lights that were in the market last year. We hope you had the chance to take a closer look at other vendors and have some new appreciation for the innovation in the market right now. With the first month of 2013 complete, we have 11 more months of great products and innovative LED lights to look forward too. So stay tuned!”



ShimmerBeautiful shimmering effect gives your tank a natural, sunlit look rivaling MH. It’s like connecting with your own piece of the ocean.

Color Mixing – Dense Matrix LED™ technology blends different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform color throughout the tank. Single light source eliminates spotlight effect, spreading powerful light over a wide area.

UV – No matter which spectral point is chosen with the tunable spectrum, proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages coral color.

Design – Different models let you decide between maximum penetration or maximum coverage area. Engineered for long life, quiet operation, efficient cooling and maximum performance, all in a compact, low maintenance and attractive design.

Controllability – On/off timing, intensity and spectrum are adjustable either manually or with a 0~10V external controller. Lights can also be daisy-chained so adjustments to one light control all others.


General Specifications

LED 90W DEX 5000 LED
Fixture Dimensions 3.8″ x 4″ (Length x Diameter)
Coverage Area A360W: 24″ surface diameter by 3′ penetration
(on average)
Power Supply 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC, 1.87A (Output)
Power Usage 90W


Distributed at Sea Dwelling Creatures



Tonga Fapiena             Tonga Kaileni

Tonga Fusion                Medium Branch                   XL Branch

Tonga Slab (not pictured) is also available.   

The Live Rock in the above photos was selected from one box.   

They were NOT Cherry Picked! 





SDC carries one of the best names in test kits…  





Please contact your SDC sales rep or your favorite retailer for more info.






In an effort to ensure that ALL customers have an equal opportunity to purchase items from The Furnace, the following restrictions apply:


This applies ONLY to THE FURNACE orders placed FRIDAY – SUNDAY.


Beginning at 7pm (Pacific Time) each Friday Through Sunday at 5pm (Pacific Time), customers can email their FURNACE ONLY choices to 


After 5pm on Sunday, please email your list directly to your sales person, and they will tag your items for you on Monday morning.


Our weekend staff will HOLD up to 4 items per customer based upon the time your email was received

We ask that you email your FURNACE ITEMS ONLY to: and CC your sales rep in the email.


Please list your Furnace items in the order of your preference and  include the following information with your email:


·       Your Store Name

·       Your Account Number (Example – UCA1234)

·       Your Sales Person’s Name

·       Your List of Furnace Items (In order of preference)

·       Date that you want your order to ship from SDC

This is only applicable for orders sent over the WEEKENDS BEFORE SUNDAY AT 5PM OUR TIME!  After 5pm PST on Sundays, please send all orders directly to your sales reps and please remember to include the same items on your full order.


After 9:00am on Monday mornings, your Sales Representative will HOLD as many additional items as you wish to purchase from The Furnace.


“The Furnace”, is the Marine Wholesale Industry’s largest (AND GROWING) “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Gallery. These are items that we actually have in stock RIGHT NOW.  Prices can only be found by logging in to our Secured Website, viewing “The Furnace” section.  While we don’t sell directly to the public, if you are a Hobbyist, and are interested in an item from “The Furnace”, please tell your Local Fish Store to contact Sea Dwelling Creatures.


Thank you for your ongoing support


 The Furnace Wholesale WYSIWYG at SDC…. direct link.











“Life Rock” from CaribSea at SDC!!

So real, so ready. Are you?
It is safe for all fish and inverts, and is an aragonitic base material (does not contain cement), requires no curing, and is infused with spored, live bacteria.


Sea Dwelling Creatures – Sales Team


 Eric Cohen – Sales Manager -

 Scott Cohen- Office Mgr. & I.T. Support –


 Carl Coloian –

 George Teodoro –

 Guin Burnard –

 James Smith -

 James Twiford -

 Jeremy Cabot –

 Paul Votava –  

 Tyson McKenzie –


 Terry Banner – Fill Rate Manager –


 Chris Otto  – Dry Goods Manager –  


 Visit us on Facebook at:  

 Visit us on the Web at:



 Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.

 5515 W. 104th St.

 Los Angeles, Ca. 90045


 310-676-9697 Phone

 310-676-9699 Fax











Sea Dwelling Creatures 






The Benefits of


“Essential for all Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums”

Super Carbon
Phosphate Resin
Organic Scavenger

All in one!

Individual results are flying in to

Blue Life USA’s Facebook page


Comments such as, “Incredible Results”, “Revolutionary”

Get yours today at

Sea Dwelling Creatures!


Sea Dwelling Creatures is

proud to be a MAC Certified Industry Operator, and havesuccessfully been accreditedas being in compliance with the

requirements of the

Husbandry and Transport (HHT)

Standard addressing the holding,husbandry, packing, transport,

etc. of fish, corals and other marine invertebrates and plants.






Hotel deals

[Hotel, City, Price]

[Hotel, City, Price]

[Hotel, City, Price]

[Hotel, City, Price]



We have just added a new state of the art coral system here at SDC.

Great Aussie, Cultured, Fiji, Jakarta, Solomon and Vietnam Corals in stock. See our website for videos and photos and stay tuned for exciting updates!

The NEW “Coral Boutique” is up and running with crystal clear water

thanks to Ariel from Blue Life USA for making us jumbo sized

CLEAR Fx PRO to run in the system!





We have just added a new state of the art coral system here at SDC.

Great Aussie, Cultured, Fiji, Jakarta, Solomon and Vietnam Corals in stock. See our website for videos and photos and stay tuned for exciting updates!

The NEW “Coral Boutique” is up and running with crystal clear water

thanks to Ariel from Blue Life USA for making us jumbo sized

CLEAR Fx PRO to run in the system!






Are you on Facebook? 

SDC is… Come over and write on our wall….
It’s legal graffiti.





Eric Cohen – Sales Manager

Scott Cohen- Office Manager & I.T. Support


Carl Coloian

George Teodoro

Guin Burnard -

James Smith –

James Twiford –

Jeremy Cabot-

Paul Votava -


Terry Banner – Fill Rate Manager –


Chris Otto  – Dry Goods Manager -


Visit us on the web at:


Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.

5515 W. 104th St.

Los Angeles, Ca. 90045

310-676-9697 Phone

310-676-9699 Fax



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