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Dear Sea Dwellers,


This week @ SDC




Hundreds of HOT corals 
to choose from!!


Everybody can see them at

(look for “The Furnace WYSIWYG” on the left side of the home page)

Contact your favorite retailer for prices and tell them you saw this at 

Sea Dwelling Creatures!!

This week’s
“Loss Leader Specials”
SDC continually strives to find ways to bring you  
more affordable and profitable options to stimulate sales.   
We have come up with the “Loss Leader Specials” to give stores items to offer at some of the lowest pricing ever seen in our 20+ year history!

 Metallic Foxface Rabbits
ML-L-XL… MIX & MATCH – Limit 4
Blue (Hippo) Tangs
T-S-SM-M… MIX & MATCH – Limit 6
 Gold Midas Blenny
S-SM-M-ML-L… MIX & MATCH – Limit 4 
Tailspot Blennies
Limit 5
Blue Leg Reef Hermit Crabs
Limit 200
Colored Long Tentacle Anemones
S-SM-M… MIX & MATCH – Limit 3
See our stock list for pricing. Good on orders of $450.00+
Limits apply for special pricing.
Any amounts ordered above the limits will be at regular price.

tailspot blenny


SDC Value Pack   
1 Christmas Wrasse – Indo Pacific
1 Ruby Red Dragonette
1 Rainfordi Goby 

All 3 fish for less than the price of just the
Christmas Wrasse 
at most wholesale facilities!!   
 40% in Savings!!    
Limit 3 Packs per Customer
Good on orders of $450.00+ 
If items are not available, we will substitute other items of equal value.

Christmas Wrasse
ruby red dragonette HDrainford goby



lightning maroon clown tr  





Do you want to see it first??
This Red Margin Fairy Wrasse 
first appeared on SDC’s Facebook Page 
and is IN STOCK NOW at SDC!!
See our Facebook page for regular updates of  

the latest and coolest items that swim through SDC!!


sdc banner 

Carl’s Creature
of the week… 







Attention WHOLESALE Customers,
The NEW is UP! 
We have launched our new On Line Ordering System. 
The new system will enable our customers to place their on line orders much faster than our previous system.

You can also add notes to each individual item that you order. 
We have uploaded more than 3000 images to the new site as well, to make ordering some of those “odd ball” items a bit easier.

Instructional Videos will introduce you to some of the new features. 
Wholesale customers, if you did not receive a username and password, please send an email to: 





This week at Sea Dwelling Creatures!!

In celebration of the new AMAZONAS magazine
article “WILD BETTAS”, we are offering
our own SDC Tank raised “Wild type Bettas”.

We are proud to offer these amazing tank raised
mouth-brooding Bettas of Borneo.
Adult Pairs of Betta gladiators & Juvies 
Betta enesae (Blue line mouthbrooding betta) unsexed juvies 
Betta patoti baduk Reds…(red tiger betta)
Betta Macrostoma marudi (Sultans Betta)
unsexed juvies & sexed juv pairs
(check out the photos of MOM and DAD!)
 2 pairs of Betta albomarginata (white trimmed betta) 

and 1 pair of Betta rubra (Ruby Betta)


                                          Betta rubra                                     Betta patoti

Mom                                         Dad
Betta Macrostoma marudi (Sultans Betta)

Macro Babies
Betta Macrostoma marudi (Sultans Betta)

Betta albomarginata (white trimmed betta)


                                        Betta gladiators Juv.       Betta gladiator Adult


Betta enesae (Blue line mouthbrooding betta) unsexed juvies  

Betta patoti baduk Reds…(red tiger betta)

The breath taking nuptial dance of colors exhibited by this
little known group of fish, will bring back that child like passion,
even to the most jaded of fish enthusiast so… Dive into the incredible
World of Wild Bettas. You know you’ll be happy you did!


Cool Anthias @ SDC 


New Product at  SDC!!

Saltwater & Freshwater
Treats up to 50 gallons

              Saltwater Formula                        Freshwater Formula

CultureMax is a revolutionary LIVE biological filter media
that will enable you to cycle your aquarium in 1 to 3 days.

Our high performance bio-media is cultured using our patented
Advanced Live-Matrix technology and will remain potent
for 2 years from the date of culture. 

CultureMax can be used to establish new aquariums or to
boost your existing aquarium’s biological filtration.

In order to achieve the best possible biological filtration you need a bio media with the highest possible surface area for the bacteria to grow, and a strong, diverse bacterial population.Culture Max has over 150 times more surface area than plastic bio balls and many times more surface area than the leading biological filter media. We have created the perfect combination of biological media together with a powerful blend of LIVE bacteria to ensure superior biological filtration over other existing products.  Our super porous biological filter media has tremendous surface area for the colonization of our powerful ammonia and nitrite eliminating bacteria and the right size pores to provide an internal structure for our nitrate and phosphate-removing bacteria to flourish.
Nitrifying bacteria need a lot of oxygen to function properly. For best results and quicker cycling install an air pump to add vigorous aeration to the aquarium.  New Aquariums: Set up aquarium and equipment, adjust PH, and temperature to proper levels and dechlorinate the water before adding Culture Max.  Remove filter socks and leave them out for a week, turn off your UV and ozone generator 48 hours prior to adding Culture Plus to avoid killing the bacteria and leave them off until the aquarium is fully cycled.  Add no more than three 2″ fish per 10 gallons within 24 hours of adding Culture Max to provide food for the bacteria.  Do not feed the first day and then feed lightly for the next 3 days.  DO NOT RINSE CULTURE MAX, simply place the Culture Max biomedia pouch in your filter in such a way as to insure the water flows through the mesh bag.
Add filter floss before Culture Max to filter out particulates before the water flows through the Culture Max biomedia mesh bag in order to keep the Culture Max biomedia clean.  We have included additional bacteria in the pouch to help seed the rest of your aquarium, simply add the remaining water from the package directly into your aquarium.
Each pouch treats up to 50 gallons.
Effectiveness will depend on your filtration system’s efficiency, how heavily stocked your aquarium is, and how careful you are not to overfeed.  For best results double the dosage for every 50 gallons.
Culture Max cannot overdosed.  NEVER RINSE Culture Max live biomedia under tap water. 
Should your bio media become dirty simply dunk and shake the mesh bio media bag in a bucket filled with aquarium water to dislodge debris.
Existing Aquariums:
  • Follow the directions above.
  • Only leave U.V and ozone off for a week after adding Culture Max.
  • Check your Ph, temperature, and dissolved oxygen to make sure they are in the correct range.
  • Each pouch treats up to 50 gallons.
  • Effectiveness will depend on your filtration system’s efficiency, how heavily stocked your aquarium is, and how careful you are not to overfeed.
  • For best results double the dosage for every 50 gallons.
  • Culture Max cannot overdosed.
To maintain optimum performance, CultureMax should be rinsed in aquarium water once a month to remove any accumulated debris and dead biofilm. 
Simply dunk the CultureMax pouch in clean aquarium water and shake vigorously”


Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquariums
& Jellyfish too!!
 Tank Raised Moon Jellyfish 

more info and photos further down this page  



bluestripe neon goby  

spanish hog Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus lunatus


banded pipefish
Christmas Wrasse

purple firefish goby pseudo splendid bumblebee goby

naoko wrasse tang sailfin wrasse red cigar

Crosshatch Triggers

Male & Female 

crosshatch trigger female







Hundreds of new coral frags on plugs to choose from, including Hammers, Torches and Frogspawns in many different colors as well as Acroporas, Fox Corals, Chalices, Blastos, Zoanthids, many types of Brains & much, much more!!! 


From beautiful and affordable unique coral fragments to exquisite show size pieces, we have everyone covered.   


It’s like Halloween for Coral Lovers…  

all the candy you could wish for  

is at SDC right now!!


Super Furnace Frag Packs!!

You can find the following packs exclusively in  

“The Furnace” wholesale WYSIWYG at SDC!!


Here are some examples… 




Others claim to have a
large selection of corals…  
and the best quality…  
and the best pricing…

But how can it be possible when the  
Nation’s Largest Wholesaler of Marine Animals,  
SDC, clearly has the best of all worlds? 

Ask your favorite retail store to contact  
Sea Dwelling Creatures for the  
“Real Deal” Corals that will  
set your aquarium on visual FIRE!!!!!


^Modern Meat Coral^


^Killer Kewl Colony Rock Zoa’s^

^Cultured Torch Corals^

^Pom Pom Xenia^

^Tons of Variety on these Cultured Hammers^

^Super Red Lobo^  

^Bicolor Hammer^





frogspawnlobo brain

Orbit 20
Jellyfish Aquarium



More info further down the page…



Tank Raised Clownfish!!

***NEW*** T/R Snowflake Flurry Clowns

onyx a grade clown trbicinctus clown tr
T/R Onyx “A” Grade Clowns          T/R Bicinctus Clowns      

spotcinctus clownorange skunk clown

        T/R Spotcinctus Clowns       T/R Orange Skunk Clowns

aussie eleganceakyndinos clown

         T/R Pink Skunk Clowns        T/R Akindynos Clown


  lightning maroon clown tr
T/R Lightning Maroon Clowns

More Cool Stuff @ SDC!!

Deep Water – Burgess Butterflies

Green Bubble Corals

Tennenti Tangs

Female Bellus Angels

green star polyp
Green Star Polyps

Coco Worms

Yellow Rose Gobies

Powder Blue Tangs

99 geo hawk
Geometric Pygmy Hawks

bluestripe pipefish
Blue Stripe Pipefish 

“The New Zoa Review”

They’re coming right to you!!

Tank Raised

Jackknife Fish

Pintail Fairy Wrasse

twinspot goby
Twinspot Gobies

bluejaw trigger
Male Bluejaw Triggers

Stigmaticus Sailfin Anthias
are well conditioned and eating like pigs!!
stigmaticus sailfin anthias
stigmaticus sailfin anthias
They are so cool to watch!!

Condy Anemones

Purple, Haitian & Colored

melanurus wrasse
Male Melanurus Wrasses

acan lordacan lord
Acan Lords


Aussie Fungia
prizm brainbrain

brain round greenbrain brainbrain  

Hundreds of cool Brain Corals from
Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands


Orbit 20 
Jellyfish Aquarium
The Orbit 20 is a stunning 23 liter (6 gallon) marine aquarium and is perfect for keeping jellyfish at home or on your desktop. The LED illuminated tank is designed for juvenile or smaller jellyfish species and provides the perfect entry to the fascinating world of jellyfish keeping.
See it on our Sea Dwelling Facebook page:
YouTube Video:

ORBIT 20 YouTube Video



Kit includes LED Cycling Lighting, Remote Control, Hydrometer, Feeding Baster, Bio Media, Filter Sponge, Power Supply.

Just add Jellyfish!!




Dry Goods from

Aqua Excel
Bubble Magnus
aqua excel 12 16 gal acrylic tank

NEW Aqua Excel 12 & 16 Gallon Acrylic Nano Aquarium
includes scrubber, protein skimmer and pump inside all-in-one back filter box


           Aqua Excel LOW VOLTAGE Pumps                    REFRACTOMETER
                                                                                      AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE!!
DC-3000LV, DC-5000LV, DC-6500LV, DC-8000LV, DC-10000LV
– High performance motor with innovative electronics,
   and energy savings up to 50% more than most other pumps.
– Six speeds/RPM variable;
– Super Quiet Operation
– Used in Saltwater and Freshwater.
– No Copper Components
- 10 minutes FEED mode (provides 10 min. pause and auto resume)
Model                        Input                          Output      Watts     Q.max(l/h)   Head max(m)
DC-3000LV    AC100-240V 50/60HZ    DC 24V 2.5A    25            3000               3
DC-5000LV    AC100-240V 50/60Hz     DC 24V 4A       40            5000             3.5
DC-6500LV    AC100-240V 50/60Hz     DC 24V 5A       50            6500               4
DC-8000LV    AC100-240V 50/60Hz     DC 24V 5A       70            8000             4.5
DC-10000LV   AC100-240V 50/60Hz    DC 24V 5A       85          10000               5

dosing pump ssdosing container

BM T11 Master Dosing Pump
BM T12 Slave Dosing Pump
BM T11 Dosing Pump Package
(with 3- 1.5 liter containers and bracket)

EC-3 SkimmerBM Curve 5 Skimmer 

         AQUA EXCEL              BUBBLE MAGNUS
                   Protein Skimmer                            Protein Skimmer
                      EC-3 Skimmer w/ DC pump 210-390gal                       BM Curve 5 Skimmer 140gal
                      EC-5 Skimmer w/ DC pump 260-520gal                       BM Curve 7 Skimmer 185-240gal
               (Flow Controller Included with both EC models)                 BM Curve 9 Skimmer 240-400gal
calcium reactor    BM Biopellet Reactor BP130

   BM Calcium Reactor C120     BM Biopellet Reactor BP130

3 chamber container

3 Chamber Dosing Container

See Stock List for Special Introductory Pricing

Distributed by


Newsletter from
Kessil Lighting about SDC!!
“Happy 2015! Have you made your resolutions yet? We see every year as an opportunity to strive to be better. Recently, we got a chance to visit a company that shares those same values.
For Sea Dwelling Creatures (SDC), 2015 marks their 23rd year in operation!

What started in 1992 out of a home office has now expanded to a 25,000 square feet warehouse with over 130,000 gallons of holding tanks. Sea Dwelling Creatures is now a household name in the aquarium industry, known for their incredible selection of livestock and dry goods.

Behind the wild success of SDC are the Cohen brothers and their partner, Brad Remmer. Scott and Eric Cohen have been involved in the aquarium industry their entire lives, and that experience translates to some of the healthiest, most vibrant livestock available. Not only is the SDC team focused on bringing the best products available, they are also working to improve the hobby by promoting sustainable harvesting techniques and aqua-cultured products.

Come check out their impressive facility, illuminated by Kessil lights. With two lifetimes of experience in the aquarium industry, the Cohen brothers understand what it means to have a reliable product that will stand the test of time. As Scott puts it, “if it takes a lickin’ at Sea Dwelling Creatures and keeps on tickin’, you’ve got something there.”

YouTube video of Scott Cohen speaking about Kessil Lighting…


“The Furnace” Wholesale WYSIWYG and
“The Coral Boutique” at SDC feature
Aquarium Lighting

NEW Models and Controllers are IN STOCK NOW at SDC!!

The new A160’s feature a manually controllable dimmer just like the A360’s.  You can also upgrade to the “Spectral Controller” for any of the units, which is equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display. The Spectral Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion. The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won’t disrupt the look of your aquarium.


**Spectral Controller**

kessil kessil

**Kessil A160’s with NEW Manual Controllers!!**

A160W Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks)

A160W Tuna Sun (for Freshwater Tanks)

(both of the above simulate a 160 watt Metal Halide Bulb using only 40 watts!!)


A360W Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks)
A360W Tuna Sun (for Freshwater Tanks)

A360N Tuna Blue (for Saltwater Tanks)

(The 3 units above simulate a 360 watt Metal Halide Bulb using only 90 watts!!)

“W” is for Wide focus (for most tanks) and
“N” for Narrow focus which is better for tanks that are over 36″ top to bottom

Kessil Lighting is on the Top Shelf for all LED’s on the Market and is surprisingly affordable to purchase, operate and maintain.
Lower your electric bills significantly and never change a bulb again!!
“LED Showdown Winner”

“The highest quality aquarium LED’s on the market”
~ Carl Coloian – SDC Sales Rep & former Dry Goods Mgr. since 1992

Do you want to learn more about Kessil LED’s?
Check out their website here…

Kessil LED’s are IN STOCK NOW
at Sea Dwelling Creatures

SDC’s Youth Education Program

SDC has been reaching out to youth programs for over 20 years.  We regularly invite schools, camps and other educational institutions to come and visit SDC.  We even pack up our critters for field trips.  SDC believes that education is the foundation for future hobbyists.  During our tours and field trips, we educate the children on the importance of sustainable collection, proper handling and  husbandry techniques.  SDC is proud of our education program and we look forward to the opportunity to teach young aquarists for years to come.

sdc touch tank w george
SDC sales rep George Teodoro in the classroom with the kids.

sdc school kids


The busiest booth at MACNA was that of

Blue Life USA thanks to their cool new

“RESINATOR” flow-through Media Reactor.

 The Resinator comes loaded with Clear Fx Pro and only needs a Cobalt MJ-600 power-head pump for small tanks or a Cobalt MJ-1200 for large tanks to run. The pumps are IN STOCK NOW at SDC.

All the water gets forced through this fantastic new product ensuring the maximum filtration of phosphates, ammonia and other dissolved organics!

Replacement carbon and scavenger cartridges are also available.

Resinator blue life

The Fx Resinator Line is the most efficient filtration system on the market. The pressurized reactor, coupled with Blue Life USA’s powerful medias provide maximum filtration capacity. Easy setup and maintenance makes the RESINATOR Reactor the perfect one step filtration system for both beginners and experts alike.

Read more info here….

Distributed at Sea Dwelling Creatures
 Got Plumbing?


SDC has a wide range of plumbing supplies for your needs including…
Ball Valves 
Float Valves 
True Union Ball Valves 
Single Union Ball Valves 
Flapper Check Valves 
Spring Check Valves 
Ultra Flex PVC 
Eductors and more!!

Contact your SDC sales rep or your favorite retailer for more info.


What to do if your  
shipment is delayed or lost
We want to remind everyone what to do if your shipment becomes delayed or lost.

Contact you SDC Sales Rep immediately to help expedite the shipping process and to help you with the process of doing a claim.

No matter if your shipment is two days late or a week late, it is ultra important to pick it up from the airlines so that SDC can have a chance to get a freight claim on your behalf.  Regardless of what the airline rep says, ONLY THE SHIPPER (SDC) is allowed to do a claim.

In most cases, shipments that have been in transit for more than 48 hours have a very good chance of receiving a claim.

Helpful hints… Request a claim form from the airline representative.  Get them to notate what the circumstances are with your order.  Notate if the boxes are damaged or leaking.  If they do not have a claim form then feel free to bring your own with you by downloading it from your airlines website.  If you do not have a claim form then write some notes on the airway-bill BEFORE you load the freight on your truck and ask the rep to acknowledge what you mutually agree on by signing and printing their full name on the airway-bill or the claim form.

The next step is to get the fish back to the store and carefully acclimate them.  Neutralizing the ammonia is the most important part of the process.  First, float for temperature acclimation.  Next cut open the bags and pour the fish gently into your buckets and measure the pH & ammonia levels.  Neutralize the ammonia and begin to drip acclimate slowly.

While you are acclimating you can notate the DOA’s on a copy of the invoice that we sent to you.

Please photograph the DOA’s which can greatly aid in our attempt to get your claim.

We will need you to fax/email the DOA’s along with the claim form, photos and the airway-bill as soon as possible along with any other useful information about the situation.

While every situation has it’s own particular set of nuances, this is a general guide of the most important steps.

In review… 
-Never Refuse a shipment… No one wins and everybody loses.
-Contact your SDC Sales Rep immediately if there is some unusual delay.
-Get a signed document from the airlines (claim form or airway-bill) detailing the circumstances
-Neutralize Ammonia before introducing a different pH level to the fish
-Send DOA’s, Claim Form, photos and YOUR Airway-bill copy to your Sales Rep.
Most of you will never have to deal with any of this but we want to make sure that you are aware of the proper protocol in the event of a claim situation.

Thank you all,
Your friends at SDC!!




SDC carries one of the best names in test kits…  



Sea Dwelling Creatures – Sales Team


 Scott D. Cohen – Owner/Partner -
 Carl Coloian – V.P. Sales & Marketing –
Jeremy Cabot – Sales Manager –

 Ann Cross – 
 Chris Otto –
Derek Hopkins –
 George Teodoro –
 James Twiford -
 Paul Votava –  
 Tyson McKenzie –
 Terry Banner – Fill Rate Manager –


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