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Sea Dwelling Creatures

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This Rainbow Chalice  

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Sea Dwelling Creatures is a Worldwide Wholesale/Distributor of Live Tropical Fish, Corals and other inverts, Live Rock, Dry Goods and more. We serve Local Fish Stores “LFS”, Public Aquariums and Aquarium related businesses and Institutions.

We DO NOT sell direct to the public but we do offer a look at the HOTTEST items in the industry via our WYSIWYG called “THE FURNACE”.  The public can view items and contact their favorite retailer for pricing and availability.  This allows EVERYONE to have a fair chance at getting the BEST items that swim through the industry at SDC!!

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SDC has installed a new phone system so we want to  

make sure you know your sales reps new extension.

Our phone # 310-676-9697 Fax # 310-676-9699
Wholesale inquiries only, please and thank you!

 Carl Coloian – V.P. Sales & Marketing – x8003

 Jeremy Cabot – Sales Manager – x8002

 Ann Cross – x8004

 Chris Otto – x8007

 Derek Hopkins – x8013

 George Teodoro – x8009

 James Smith – x8008

 James Twiford – x8012 

 Paul Votava – x8011

 Tyson McKenzie – x8006

 Terry Banner – Fill Rate Manager – x8010

 Mark Vigil – Dry Goods Manager – x8026 


and does not sell directly to the public.

Please contact your favorite retailer for price$ and

tell them what you want from Sea Dwelling Creatures!!



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This Week’s



1 Yellow Watchman Goby

1 Strawberry Pseudo

2 Firefish Gobies


2x Firefish Gobies


40% in Savings!! 
Limit 3

Packs per order. Good on orders of $450+

If items are not available, we will substitute other items of equal value.



Great “Loss Leader” SPECIALS

This Week @ SDC!! 


SDC continually strives to find ways to bring you more affordable and profitable options to stimulate sales.  We have come up with the “Loss Leader Specials”to give stores items to offer at some of the lowest pricing ever seen in SDC’s 26 year history!








See our stock list for limits and pricing.

Good on orders of $450.00+
Limits apply for “Loss Leader” pricing.
Any amounts ordered above the limits will be at a slightly higher price.
Cool Stuff on Special 

this week @ SDC!!


















Many, many more cool items are on

Special this week @ SDC


What to do if your shipment is delayed or lost

We want to remind everyone what to do if your shipment becomes delayed or lost.
Contact you SDC Sales Rep immediately to help expedite the shipping process and to help you with the process of doing a claim.

No matter if your shipment is two days late or a week late, it is ultra important to pick it up from the airlines so that SDC can have a chance to get a freight claim on your behalf.  Regardless of what the airline rep says, ONLY THE SHIPPER (SDC) is allowed to do a claim.

In most cases, shipments that have been in transit for more than 48 hours have a very good chance of receiving a claim.

Helpful hints… Request a claim form from the airline representative.  Get them to notate what the circumstances are with your order.  Notate if the boxes are damaged or leaking.  If they do not have a claim form then feel free to bring your own with you by downloading it from your airlines website.  If you do not have a claim form then write some notes on the airway-bill BEFORE you load the freight on your truck and ask the rep to acknowledge what you mutually agree on by signing and printing their full name on the airway-bill or the claim form.

The next step is to get the fish back to the store and carefully acclimate them.  Neutralizing the ammonia is the most important part of the process.  First, float for temperature acclimation.
Next cut open the bags and pour the fish gently into your buckets and measure the pH & ammonia levels.  Neutralize the ammonia and begin to drip acclimate slowly.

While you are acclimating you can notate the DOA’s on a copy of the invoice that we sent to you.

Please photograph the DOA’s which can greatly aid in our attempt to get your claim. This is best done by lining up the DOA fish on the white Styrofoam lid that accompanies the box.

We will need you to fax/email the DOA’s along with the claim form, photos and the airway-bill as soon as possible along with any other useful information about the situation.

While every situation has its own particular set of nuances, this is a general guide of the most important steps.

In review…
-Never Refuse a shipment… No one wins and everybody loses.
-Contact your SDC Sales Rep immediately if there is some unusual delay.
-Get a signed document from the airlines (claim form or airway-bill) detailing the circumstances.
-Neutralize Ammonia before introducing a different pH level to the fish
-Send DOA’s, Claim Form, photos and YOUR Airway-bill copy to your Sales Rep.

Most of you will never have to deal with any of this but we want to make sure that you are aware of the proper protocol in the event of a claim situation.

Thank you all,
Your friends at SDC!!



Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.

5515 W. 104th St.

Los Angeles, CA. 90045

Phone 310-676-9697

Fax 310-676-9699


Facebook: Click for SDC on FACEBOOK


Carl Coloian – V.P. Sales & Marketing – x8003

Jeremy Cabot – Sales Manager – x8002

Ann Cross – x8004
Chris Otto – x8007
Derek Hopkins – x8013
George Teodoro – x8009
James Smith – x8008
James Twiford – x8012
Paul Votava – x8011
Tyson McKenzie – x8006

Terry Banner – Fill Rate Manager – x8010
Mark Vigil – Dry Goods Manager – x8026

SDC is WHOLESALE ONLY and does not sell directly to the public.

Please contact your favorite retailer for price$ and  
tell them what you want from Sea Dwelling Creatures!!







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