Sea Dwelling Creatures Disaster Relief Effort

Here at Sea Dwelling Creatures our hearts go out to all the people, families and communities that have been affected by the recent hurricanes and flooding that swept through Texas, Florida and other areas of the Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean.  We are deeply committed to contributing to the relief efforts to help people with the monumental task of rebuilding in the wake of such widespread destruction and flooding.  It is times like this when the true spirit of the American people shines and we come together to help people put their lives back together.

To that end, Sea Dwelling Creatures will be donating a portion of its sales, thru at least the end of September, to the American Red Cross and possibly other organizations that are on the front lines of these relief efforts.  This gives all of our customers an opportunity to contribute to the relief efforts with every dollar they spend at Sea Dwelling Creatures.  Once the donation has been made, we will be posting verification of the donation online so that everyone can see how they helped contribute to this critical effort.

*Special Note to Sea Dwelling Creatures Customers

If you have been affected by these hurricanes and floods, we are committed to helping you get your businesses back on track.  Please contact your sales rep to discuss ways that we can help you in this difficult time.  We will certainly do what we can to assist you as we truly value your business and wish you all the very best and a speedy and successful recovery.