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H20 Life Foods

H2O LIFE Aquarium Foods was recently started by Christopher Turk, who has spent his entire life observing and studying coral reef fish and their feeding habits. Formerly the founder and owner of OCEAN NUTRITION, he has set his goal with this new venture to develop a range of nutritional products that raises the standard for the fish-keeping hobby.
Frozen foods are the core of the product line-up, with an emphasis on marine fish and corals. Turk completes the line with dried seaweeds, specialty food additives of Garlic, Vitamins, and HUFA Omega 3 fish oil emulsion, and convenient feeding tools like a Coral-Feeder Squirt Tube and a Magnet Seaweed Clip. While some of the frozen products are just a better version of the old standard, the focus of H2O LIFE is always to develop innovative products which can bolster the fish-keeping success of today’s aquarist.

50/50 Plus Mix 100g Blister
Bloodworms 100g Blister
Bloodworms 200g Blister
Brine Shrimp 100g Blister
Brine Shrimp 200g Blister
Clams 1/2 Shell 112g (4oz)
Clams 1/2 Shell 224g (8oz)
Coral Food Mix 100g Blister
Cyclops 100g Blister
Fish & Reef #1 100g
Fish & Reef #2 100g
Krill Superba 112g (4oz) Flat
Krill Superba 224 (8oz) Flat
Krill Superba 448 (16oz) Flat
Marine Fusion 100g Blister
Mini Marine Mysis 100g BC
Mini Marine Mysis 200g BC
Mini Marine Mysis Bulk 1lb
Silversides IQF 112g (4oz)
Silversides IQF 224g (8oz)
Silversides 448g (16oz)
Spirulina BS/MYS Mix 100g
Squid 112g (4oz) Flat Pack
Squid 224g (8oz) Flat Pack
Squid 448 (16oz) Flat Pack
Variety Bulk 2lb