Some of Our Client Testimonials

“We used to transship a lot! I see now that your prices are so competitive, that I no longer deal with transhippers for fish. I was very, very impressed with the last order of fish. About 90% were eating right away and swimming around. I’ve never received healthy fish like these from ANYONE. You guys are really doing a great job there and I will be ordering more often from SDC. Thank you, and your team for actually caring about their livestock! ”
Alex Cho
Aquatic Express
“SDC provides the deepest inventory and the highest quality of Fish and Corals from any supplier we have ever purchased from. My customers love "The Furnace", and it is a real advantage to be able to see and sell high end items, before we buy it. ”
Brett Remko
Tulsa Aquarium
“I am really pleased that I found Sea Dwelling Creatures for my fish, especially finding my sales representative. He knows no boundaries to get what I need whether it’s fish, coral or dry goods. I deal with many fish vendors, by far Sea Dwelling Creatures is my favorite!”
Damon Dumond
Aquatic's Manager
Petland - MO
“Sea Dwelling Creatures is always one of the first places we go to for the highest quality animals, and for unusual specimens.”
J. Charles Delbeek
Author and former Aquarist of the Waikiki Aquarium
“…I could not believe the quality of the shipment and the prices. In Florida, we regularly pay higher prices for a flame angels…Even with the addition of shipping charges from Los Angeles, I appreciate just how much savings there is…We were Blown Away by the shipment…”
Kevin Davis
KD's Oceans and Reefs
“We have come to rely on Sea Dwelling Creatures for the quality and diversity of the animals and services they provide. From helping us to acquire unique and difficult to find exhibit specimens through ethical collection methods, to assisting with large aquatic animal transports, Sea Dwelling Creatures has been an invaluable help to us.”
Lise Christopher
Collections Manager
John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL
“Opening the world’s largest aquarium in 28 months requires the development of strong and capable business relationships. Sea Dwelling Creatures successfully shipped thousands of animals, of all sizes and species, for Georgia Aquarium. Their dynamic and enthusiastic team handled every odd hour shipment, schedule change, and shipping challenge with great attention to detail and professionalism.”
Ray Davis
Vice President, Zoological Operations
Georgia Aquarium
“Sea Dwelling Creatures is a premiere outlet for marine livestock. Algae, Invertebrates, Live Rock, Fishes are amazing in quantity, quality and good health. Their facilities, operations are among the best in the industry, with a well-trained and retained staff. The owner/operators, brothers Eric and Scott Cohen have "put their money where their hearts and minds are, developing relations with many of the best collecting stations and breeders in the world. Their Los Angeles location is always a delight to visit, with hundreds of giant clams, always rare and exotic fishes and corals to preview, and friendly, knowledgeable help. I am glad to count Eric and Scott (as well as their father Bob) as friends and competent, honest business folk in our trade.”
Robert Fenner
““…I want to say that in the last 5 – 6 months, SDC has done an outstanding job of adding more rare and exotic fish to your already great selection of fish!...I no longer buy from (the competition) because I can now get a Fowleri, Maculiceps, Whitecheek, Scribbled Angel and even an Achilles from SDC. Another reason I have been commited to SDC is because of my sales rep. I can’t begin to tell you how much peace and mind I have knowing that he will get me one of the highest fill rates in the business. Not only does he get me the fish that I am looking for, he is even kind enough to get me the exact sizes that I am looking for. Being a small business owner having the right sizes is very important to me and my clients...” Thanks, ”
Sparkling Aquarium
“The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach relies on Sea Dwelling Creatures as a source for healthy, attractive display animals. It is obvious that husbandry of the animals in their care is one of their highest priorities.”
Sandy Trautwein
Curator of Fish and Invertebrates
Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
“As a small store, it is important that we get the best value for our dollar each week. The Value Packs and Customer Appreciation Specials are a real money maker for us. Great prices are always helpful, but the quality is second to none! ”
Todd Jester
Tropical Fish & Pet
“Wow! This was my first big order from Sea Dwelling. After acclimation, I have 100% of live corals, fish and inverts to sell. The Tangs are so beautiful, the corals are delightful! Local wholesalers in my area can't compare with the items I received from Sea Dwelling Creatures, and the prices are amazing. Love the Zoa packs, Mushroom packs and the assorted Coral packs as well. My Sales Representative is the best in communicating with you personally, right to the point, and always calls you back in a timely manner if you have questions or concerns. Local Sales Associates in my area won't even care! ”
General Manager
Naples Fish Store