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Animal Husbandry


In order to ensure the best possible care for these precious animals, every stage of the supply chain must use the best collection, handling and transportation practices. Our staff has traveled around the world to work directly with our suppliers to implement these practices.  We have also conducted extensive studies in conjunction with universities and private institutions to constantly improve both our understanding of the animals as well as our own handling and husbandry. 

Once the animals arrive at our facility, we use the most modern equipment and computerized technology to carefully acclimate them.  Our staff of biologists and aquatic specialists carefully monitor water quality parameters and care for the animals.  Our rigorous feeding protocols provide the most nutritious foods and, in many cases, train the animals to eat prepared foods in order to help ensure that they thrive in retail stores and home aquariums. We take pride in fulfilling our obligation to the animals, our valued customers and the hobbyists in whose aquariums these wondrous creatures ultimately come to reside.