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Sales Representatives Needed

We are seeking individuals to do phone sales to pet stores across the U.S.  Candidates must have a good work ethic, positive attitude and the ability to help the company meet its sales goals. The Sales Representative position, under the direction of our Sales and Marketing Director, is responsible for calling on and speaking with clients and potential clients to help them learn about our company, our products, our services and to establish and maintain long term relationships. We will train Representatives to the specifics of our industry, but some sales experience is required. Call lists will be provided by the company, but the Sales Representative may, from time to time as directed and authorized by the Sales Director, seek out new leads for potential new clients.


  • Demonstrate to potential clients the benefits of our products.
  • Establish and maintain healthy, long-term relationships with clients to generate repeat business and referrals.
  • Discover customers’ needs and offer solutions to them through the company’s services and/or products.
  • Use promotional methods such as phone calls, emails and social media to reach potential clients and build a long-lasting business relationship with them.
  • Become an expert in our product offerings and serve as a go-to source for clients who want more information concerning our products.
  • Determine new ways to make products appealing by observing the environment and current trends.



  • Candidates should have experience in sales with a demonstrated ability to achieve sales goals. Additional experience in marketing and consumer psychology is not required but is a plus. 
  • Experience in converting prospective buyers to loyal customers. Experience specific to our industry, products or services is not required but is a plus.
  • Above average communication,persuasive and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to make a very high volume of sales calls on a daily basis
  • Ability to work under pressure and devise sales strategies
  • Ability to explain product features and benefits in a way that stands out over competing brands
  • Passionate about selling and finding ways to satisfy customers’ needs
  • Resilience and a willingness to deal with rejection
  • Excellent organizational capabilities and desire to be a team player


Compensation is on a commission basis or hourly pay, whichever is greater. Initial guaranteed pay will depend on experience and qualifications. We also offer medical, dental, vision and retirement plans after you’ve completed your 90 day probation period. 

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