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They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes: The Ocean Was Glowing

by Admin Staff
They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes: The Ocean Was Glowing

From the New York Times:

Satellites previously detected a giant bioluminescent bloom in the Java Sea. Researchers found a boat crew that sailed through it.

Naomi McKinnon knew something was up, but she was not sure what. She went below deck for a minute, then rejoined her two crewmates on watch.

Then it hit her. From horizon to horizon, from stern to bow, the sea all around them was glowing as their 52-foot-long ketch passed south of the Indonesian island of Java on a moonless night.

“What the hell?” she recalled thinking.

What Ms. McKinnon and her six crewmates encountered in August 2019 was a swell of glowing seawater so bright and gargantuan in size that a satellite orbiting hundreds of miles overhead was able to see its shimmers. Last summer, a team of scientists reported on the satellite feat, which opened a window to one of the planet’s most puzzling features. The bioluminescent seas appear to originate when trillions of tiny bacteria light up in unison.

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by Admin Staff


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